Vol II: Let our agents tell you why they think you should be the one to sign up with VOIZ next

What’s the ‘perfect job’ essentially made of? Typically the ones with attractive salary packages and benefits must be accompanied by job satisfaction and work fulfilment fit the bill. But what if we told you, you can find all this and more at VOIZ, would you take our word for it? 

Well if you don’t, then listen to what our agents have to say about working here and why they seem to love and why you need to be the next one to hop on with us! 

Reason #1 Work-life balance 

“I can look after my kids, my father-in-law who has Alzheimer’s, and take care of our home wholesomely while also having a job that allows me to be fully financially independent. This role allows me to work with full focus and enjoy a home life with no tension of work. That is what I call balance and that is what helps me balance my life and keeps me happy and satisfied.” 

– Geetha. G., customer support agent 

Reason #2 Reduced levels of stress

“I have always worked in high-pressure jobs; the kind of jobs that require you to sleep less, work more and devote most of your time to it. Such jobs certainly take a toll on your mental and physical well-being. After I joined VOIZ, it was like working in paradise. I could finally work at a pace that was convenient for me and I watched how it improved my BP and my overall anxiety.”

– Deeksha J., telesales agent

Reason #3 Saves you money on commuting costs, clothes, meals, etc

“Until I started working from home with VOIZ, I didn’t realise how much of my salary I was going to save. Travelling to the office, outside lunches, pressure to wear good brands, etc sort of gobbled up my salary and I was often left with petty debts and no savings. But this job was a Godsend to me; I am able to save and I am able to enjoy the benefits of working remotely.”

– Lohith P., telesales agent 

Reason #4 Gain distance from office politics and other such conflicts 

“For me, it’s all about the fact that I get to work on my own! Let’s face it- not all of us are team players. I love working on my own and I also love the fact that my growth here is based on my progress and my contributions as an individual agent. In my previous workplace, there was a lot of politics and conflicts between colleagues and no way to really get away from it all as we were forced to stay in the same place. Such an atmosphere breeds contempt and rarely does any good for the work that we tried to focus on doing.”

– Ujjwal S. customer support agent 

Reason #5 Improved inclusivity 

“Previously my caste, social status and my background used to be the grounds on which I was disqualified from a certain position. With VOIZ, I have gained the confidence that skill and talent will survive other insignificant prejudices. I landed a job within no time and have been working here for a year now and I couldn’t be happier.” 

– Malla, customer support agent 

Reason #6 Increased health, wellness, and fitness 

“Being seated for 14 hours at a work desk does unimaginable damage to your body and health. For me, it resulted in the form of a 15kg weight gain till the Pandemic hit. I immediately joined VOIZ as soon as the company I worked in, shut down operations. With eight working hours on hand, I was able to not only exercise but also destress, eat mindfully while moving a lot more around the house performing household chores. This significantly improved my physical and mental health. I was one of the few people that lost weight during the lockdown and have been working with VOIZ ever since.” 

– Divyanka B., telesales agent 

Our agents are our pillars of strength. Join this team of ambitious, diverse and multi-talented individuals by signing up with VOIZ now! 

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