Listen to what our agents have to say about why you should be the one to sign up with VOIZ next

By staying in constant contact with our agents and employees, we know that work sometimes can be a source of chronic stress. In fact, research conducted by FlexJobs goes to prove that this can cost you more than a few sleepless nights. Its early signs are associated with stress like difficulty in focussing, irritability, low morale etc that can jeopardize your equations both in the workplace and in your personal life. While most of us don’t have the option of quitting our jobs, seriously taking into consideration the way work-stress is impacting one’s life will give you more motivation to want to reinvent the way you work which is where VOIZ comes in. We, as a remote platform, have constantly aimed at helping our agents find work, reduce stress, stay motivated and improve their work-life balance. 

Listen to our agents as they talk about their personal experiences while working with VOIZ:

Reason #1 Verified companies and projects 

“VOIZ has upped my resume game on a whole other level. I’ve worked with incredible companies and brands just in my 14 months of working as a telesales agent here.” 

– Roopa G, Telesales agent

Reason #2 Diverse work experiences

“I thought only traditional work will give me the exposure I need to succeed in life but with the experience I have gathered from working with VOIZ, I must say I am impressed with the amount of work I have managed to accomplish and the kind of projects I have had the opportunity to be an active part of. My resume has grown and so has my range of skills. Incredible how much working from home has taught me and in such a short period of time.”

– R. Singh, Telecaller 

Reason #3 Zero commuting stress

“I love that I have freedom and the luxury to just wake up to my work and not have to worry about waking up early, drinking down packaged breakfasts, catching the bus, etc. My father is still adjusting to the remote working environment and he told me that that was how people went to work back in the day. And I couldn’t be happier that I don’t have to travel an hour back and forth to get to someplace. I have the anxiety of not having enough hours in a day and working with VOIZ has somehow soothed that given me the gift of working right from wherever I am.” 

– Dhwani, Customer support specialist

Reason #4 Personalized workspaces 

“My problem was that I could never hold down a job because of my OCD. People around me never understood why I needed things to be a certain way. This often got in the way of my performance and eventually in the way of how my colleagues began treating me. Thankfully now, I can work from my home which is my bubble and right now I am at my highest level of productivity. This is often a very less spoken of topic but the freedom to structure my workspace just the way I like it and have it stay that way is such a saviour for me. My workspace makes me want to work so that way working with VOIZ has naturally been my haven after going through tumultuous times with other office jobs.”

Reason #5 Flexible work timings and schedule 

“I have three kids- all under the ages of 10 and all I do all day is run around for them. Be it picking them up from school, dropping them off to recreational classes after or having to make meals for them, all of it falls on my shoulders. I love being a mom and I’m not complaining but these are precisely the reasons why I haven’t had a career for the past ten years as well. Thanks to VOIZ and my mother who heard of it first who introduced me to the platform which gave me the freedom to choose the days I wanted to work and the timings I wanted to work during! Never have I come across a company that provides its employees with the kind of flexibility that this one does. Proud to say that I have been working for the past 6 months in the chat support process while also performing my ‘mom’ duties to the best of my abilities!”

– Victoria K. 

If you resonate with what our agents have to say, then sign up with VOIZ today to get started as remote customer support or telesales agent and reap the benefits of working with us! 

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