Top 4 benefits of how telesales can help in the growth of the Healthcare industry

Healthcare is undeniably one of the fastest and largest growing industries there are there at the moment. It is no secret that it is a complex and competitive industry. With plenty of rules and regulations in check when it comes to patient confidentiality and how to market and sell your product to the right people, outsourcing your telesales services can help with spreading awareness to the right audience segment in the market; allowing providers to tend to other important matters such as improving and saving peoples’ lives. 

Let’s a look at why.
According to a  recently published white paper, Outsourced Medical Call Centres: Defining Sucess and Selecting the Best Partner, outsourcing your telesales services with a call centre tends to drastically improve

  • Caller Satisfaction
  • Department Satisfaction
  • Organization Savings 
  • ROI

Healthcare is a business like any other and that means that people must work together to deliver great healthcare. According to Sequence Health, two-thirds of all US hospitals, clinics and medical centres utilize a third-party call centre to help yield better experiences for their patients and customers also leaving behind the impression of the value of quality healthcare.  

Listed below are some of the perks of outsourcing telesales services that can effectively help Healthcare companies run their business rhythmically. 

Perk #1: Telesales helps to reach out to new prospects 
Many of your potential customers or even your existing clients may not know that you have introduced a new medical service or device or that a new drug exists. What’s worse is that they would not know how it would help them. This is where telesales representatives can make maximum use of the situation. Whether you are appealing to patients or physicians, the gap caused due to a lack of brand awareness can easily be bridged by these CX agents

Target outreach can be better done with a dedicated team outsourced to perform just that and is proved to yield better results than traditional advertising. In addition to that, it can also result in positive word of mouth referrals and as mentioned in Outsourced Medical Call Centres: Defining Sucess and Selecting the Best Partner, nearly three-quarters of patients satisfied with deepening customer relations have said to recommend the healthcare company or hospital to their family and friends. 

Perk #2: Telesales increases patient or customer engagement 
True, it is sometimes difficult to think or view healthcare as an ‘industry’ and its patients as its ‘customers’ but such is the transactional nature of healthcare subjected by its rate of success guided by the effectiveness of the telesales services employed. With smartphones and the internet dominating the present world, your existing and potential customers are all over the place. You need to be where your customers which is why telesales agents can help with contacting them through various channels such as call support, email, live chat etc. Furthermore, outsourcing partners have the potential to continually evolve and adopt other channels and meeting the expectations of your customers therefore consistently engaging with your existing and potential customers; satisfying them and increasing the value for your services. 

Perk #3 Telesales accelerates your ROI and sales 
While it is possible to do inside sales all on your own, we can ignore the fact that it can come to become a heavy burden on your organization. While it is doable, healthcare companies and hospitals will have to face some big overhead charges. Even if we minus the computer, phone and other office space infrastructure, there is the matter of specialisation and organization. Here is where telesales really shines. Telesales agents can use their experience, time and skillset to cold call or interact with eventual buyers and existing customers leaving the closing to your internal salespeople. By outsourcing specialists for this process, you are expanding brand awareness and referrals which positively impacts your potential for optimal return on investment and improves your ability to build brand loyalty. 

Perk #4 Telesales improves follow-up efficacy 
The healthcare industry has a constant need to keep in touch with its customers and to continue prioritizing follow-ups with patients to ensure satisfactory outcomes. Since healthcare is never a matter of one-and-done, there are constantly plenty of follow-ups to do. Surveying, cross-selling, research purposes etc are some of the advantages of consistent follow-ups. How effectively did a drug work for them? Did a particular medical service improve their quality of life? Do they know of others who may benefit from these services? All these questions and more can be answered through telesales. Outsourcing partners or call centres that offer telesales services especially in outbound calling format are perfectly positioned for advancing objectives for follow-ups. This also enables to earn the trust of customers along with building relationships with them. 

Why choose VOIZ as your telesales outsourcing partner?  
At VOIZ, we have an experienced CX team of professional telesales representatives that will provide you with the ability to augment field sales efforts to address territory challenges. When it comes to outbound calling, making an impression and building trust are important elements while contacting potential prospects or even existing customers. This can be done only if your hire qualified sales reps to represent your company and that is something VOIZ can offer you along with streamlining your process to reach your objectives and goals. Our customer interactions are conducted on a wide variety of channels including: 

  • Email 
  • Phone
  • Social media 
  • Live chat 
  • Text/SMS etc

Every brand upon analysis will realise that a gap exists between them and the customer. Telesales is a proven and cost-effective method to fill those gaps and increase accessibility and maximize revenues. 

Some additional advantages of outsourcing your telesales services with VOIZ are as follows: 

  • Our services are significantly lower in cost when compared to a field sales force. 
  • Our telesales agents can be ramped up at any given time depending on your need and requirements. 
  • Our telesales strategy can be deployed and modified as per your need or call volume. 
  • Our agents have the capability to adjust or tweak interactions with little or no downtime based on market changes and/or live feedback. 
  • Our telesales reps also have a proven track record of covering more than three times the reach of a typical sales agent in a given amount of time. 
  • Our telesales services produce quantifiable results along with positive ROI.

VOIZ offers the experience and expertise to grow your business or brand and generate significant results. Sign up with VOIZ and post your project to get started on your telesales process today! 

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