Transform your physical disabilities into opportunities in the Gig world

A Gig economy is defined by a part-time contract with independent workers for short-term or long-term engagements based on job requirements. For people with physical disabilities, it’s common for them to have experienced unemployment and rejections. You may have the qualifications but your physical disabilities may have been the deal-breaker there which shouldn’t be the case. Employing people with disabilities is an enormous and vastly overlooked section of the market. 

Participation of people with disabilities in a traditional work environment remains limited, therefore gig work has paved the way for people to have a career and a means of income through independent and self-directed employment that accounts not only for your financial support but also allows you to participate in the mainstream economy. That is exactly what VOIZ aims to build and create for anybody who has been led to believe that their physical challenges pass off as shortcomings when they most certainly do not. 

At VOIZ, we enable, not disable:
There are no rigid eligibility criteria here, just that you need to have basic education and access to a device that can either be a phone or a laptop with good internet connectivity. VOIZ has the potential to eliminate attitudinal and structural barriers against people with special abilities, providing you with the security of a job that you can do as per your comfort and with barely any requirements of technical knowledge. All we need from you is to know when you’re available for five working days, working for four hours of your choosing

The Upsides:
The benefits are not limited to companies or people with special abilities but that all can benefit. VOIZ aims to mitigate any and all barriers that don’t facilitate the growth of people with differing abilities.

  • Flexibility and Freedom 
    At VOIZ, we completely understand the importance of taking time off for therapy sessions, doctor appointments, or just to rest in case you need to catch a breath in-between work. While these are the same restrictions that make it hard to hold down a full-time job, participating and engaging in a gig economy where one can work wherever they want at whatever time they seem fit, is what may truly fit your convenience parameters, making gig work the job of your time!
  • Reduced engagement bias
    Results are what gigs are measures by, not the process. There will be no one from the gig industry staring at you doubting your potential of doing the job. At VOIZ, we take all comers! How you do your job will be judged on the basis of your reviews and your performance, not traditional biases. 
  • Exposure to the working environment
    At VOIZ we have gig workers with special abilities and are working for the first time with us, simply because they never had the chance to before because of the corporate prejudice cast against them. At VOIZ, we make sure this novel experience stays fresh and fun for you. This also empowers you a great deal to explore other options and learn other avenues of interest. 

There have been celebrated successes with people with disabilities and the gig economy and that is what VOIZ aims to accomplish with you as well. We want to empower gig workers with special abilities and make sure they are as fit for employment as anyone is. The gig economy

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