Why gig work can bring you back in business after your career break

How long has it been since you have been away from the workforce? 5 years? 12 years? Well, as they say, age is just a number and so is the amount of time that you take from your career. It is important to realize that while you were away, a new employment format has come into play and that is the gig workforce! 

Some career breaks may have been unexpected while some may have been thought out. Perhaps you took a few years off to improve your health or raise your child or care for an ageing relative; the reasons are endless but our priorities are few and most often the one to get compromised is your career. Taking time off from your career may have been a difficult choice to make at the time but that’s not to say that you can’t reenter the working world.

Why you should be considering VOIZ as your next career move.
No matter why or when you plan on returning to the workforce after a sabbatical or a long break, there will always be a sense of apprehension when you have to put yourself out there to ‘land a full-fledged corporate job’. While you may not be able to pick up your career where you left off, you can always use your previous experience as your skill strength and view your job prospects with fresh eyes. 

That’s where VOIZ comes in! VOIZ provides you with a lot of opportunities that will allow you to pick up where you left off. While many other conventional corporate companies in the market might want you to brush up on your education, start from a level below what you were working as, or even a professional license renewal. These can be taxing and can cause you to shrivel at the thought of working but at VOIZ, we don’t require any of this. All we need is a minimum of four hours of your time each day for five days in a week of your choice and get paid for it.

The job requirements are what you already have such as conversational skills, direction, and buildable knowledge of the companies that you’re associated with, through VOIZ. This not only boosts your confidence in the workplace but also quickens your ability to grasp practical knowledge during the time that you were away! 

Bring in the concept of training and free courses at VOIZ for a quick brush-up

Reasons why ‘gig’ work and VOIZ are the best ingredients to relaunch your career with:

Reason #1 You could do with the income 
Things may have gotten a little tight on the financial side while you weren’t working but not anymore! With VOIZ, you can sign up for as many projects as you want and earn for each of those projects on a monthly basis. And if you’re in the mood to brush up on a few things, VOIZ’s training academy has got you covered!

Reason #2 A change of space and pace
If the monotony of 9 working hours in a corporate space doesn’t appeal to you anymore; switch to VOIZ’s platform which is all about working at your pace in your own space. You could be vacationing and still earning money from the 4 hours you choose to work for! 

Reason #3 Networking
VOIZ is associated with companies that are doing well in various fields. By partnering with us and associating with these companies, you open yourself to so many other experiences and the chances of meeting and collaborating with new people. And you don’t have to travel anywhere to make all this happen. With a phone or laptop and a steady internet connection, you are good to go!

Reason #4 Professional and personal development
Through consistent interaction with clients and customers, you will soon be endowed with immediate experience. It will improve your confidence and motivate you to get better at what you’re doing thereby also slowly bridging the gap between your time and the current economic industry.

Reason #5 Explore and discover new interests
The nature of the gig economy is such that it allows you to try and experiment with various options. And what’s best? We at VOIZ encourage you to try out various roles and deliverables so that you can settle with doing what you love. If you’ve always dreamed of being a pianist, sign up for classes! You have all the time in the world to further the passions you have wanted to, along with a budding gig career that can speak for itself!
Hit the link and sign up with VOIZ to get started on rediscovering your career again, but this time on your own terms.

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