Stay-at-home parents can also be full-time working parents! Here’s how!

There are many reasons people choose to be stay-at-home parents but ultimately the decision lies in watching your child grow and stay close to you through the day, every day. While that might be the case there will always be moments of free time where you may think of going to work but then again will you find yourself thinking about your child and end up putting your young ones’ needs before yours. 

How can VOIZ be your career’s stepping stone?
We keep hearing about career breaks that people have to take when they have children and are unable to join back with the same drive as before due to increased responsibilities at home and other personal commitments. With VOIZ, be assured that you can work in gig format from your home, keeping a close eye on your children and family and not having to miss out on the big moments of being a parent. All you need to do is fixate on four hours a day that you can spend on work, where you can interact with people outside of your home and network and channel abilities that you developed from being a stay-at-home parent with the customers that you correspond with, such as patience, empathy, and guidance. 

Don’t let the corporate part of you erode with the addition of some life-changing responsibilities. 

By working with VOIZ, you will also be earning an income that will qualify you as an employable stay-at-home parent. The job market is tough as it is, and with increasing expenses; the additional income will contribute to living a comfortable lifestyle but will also keep you confident of the market and the ever-evolving corporate industry.  

Challenges and Fixes:

Challenge #1: Inability to travel.
Solution: You don’t have to travel anywhere. You can stay within the comfort of your own home and manage work comfortably along with your home life.

Challenge #2: Inability to commit to an 8-hour work cycle.
Solution: You can work for any four hours of your choice for five days a week! So whenever you do get the time, you can focus your efforts on earning that extra money.

Challenge #3: Inability to work jobs that are too stressful.
Solution: At VOIZ you will be a part of the remote CX team and whichever company you’ll be associated with, will have the power to navigate customers through their requests, complaints, inquiries, etc. There’s zero stress here and it’s one of those ‘I love what I do’ experiences.

Challenge #4: Not owning expensive hardware for work.
Solution: Hardware? What hardware? All you need is a working phone and a steady internet connection. 

Why is this the perfect working arrangement for you?
With VOIZ, as the work hours are flexible and come in 4-hour slots, you will easily be able to handle work and your family, striking the ideal work-life balance. While raising children is a rewarding experience, many stay-at-home parents benefit enormously from doing a part-time job. VOIZ not only provides that opportunity but can also provide the means of making that happen by connecting you to employers from companies that suit your preferences and your selected hours of work. Sign up with VOIZ and enjoy the best of both worlds; the privilege of working from home and the joys of not missing out on the family.

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