3 effective ways in which agents help build lasting customer loyalty

Research reveals that the industry average for the length of a client-company relationship is approximately 3 years. A good client equation tends to result in the loyalty of the business. So how exactly is customer loyalty built? We at VOIZ believe that it is all about developing relationships across all touchpoints starting with your contact centre. Most of the magic occurs within the contact centre, when the agents directly interact with customers by phone and resolve complaints or issues, and answer questions through various channels.
At the agent level, these three ways are effective in building long-lasting customer loyalty in a business:

  1. Agents aim to create exceptional customer service experiences
    Agents prepare their approach by keeping the company in mind and the customer in focus. They combine their business expertise with relevant resolutions to offer a better solution to the customer. The best kind of customer experience is more about how the service was delivered and less about the information the agent was aware of. At VOIZ, our agents build a rapport with their callers by listening with attention and reassuring them of the right solutions and demonstrating support throughout the interaction by making the concern felt and accounted for. Just by doing so, agents build customer loyalty through quality and friendliness. 
  1. Agents go the extra mile to build trust and relationships.
    The best agent-customer relationships are built through trust and transparency. Through consistency in top-notch customer services, the company will be known for its dependability and security. An agent who is efficient and fast without compromising on quality will be able to field more callers and field usual requests or queries systematically. Customers will most likely return if they feel comfortable and at ease knowing that their concerns will be addressed and taken care of by the agent. Agents go away from the script based on the importance or complexity of the call and make the resolution happen with empathy, understanding, and creativity.
  1. Agents are proactive in resolution.
    At VOIZ, our agents set aside their personal feelings and stay dedicated to delivering a great customer experience, through all viable channels. With less or no prior contact, agents get creative by displaying various tactics and opportunities to show customers that you appreciate them. Agents are already aware of the customers’ purchase history, detailed list of conversations, and can handle the customers with their plethora of information. In addition to this, agents with their experience and knowledge already know the type of customers they are dealing with making resolution all more faster and satisfactory for the customers. 
    According to a customer satisfaction survey, 88% prefer to speak to a live agent rather than navigating through a phone menu. This is where the brand makes a great first impression that will go on to building customer confidence, deliver memorable experiences, and will bring your customers back for more. At VOIZ, we have CX agents who are specialized in delivering a great customer experience. Hire remote CX agents for all your processes today. 

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