Everything one needs to know before becoming a remote contact centre agent at VOIZ

Contact centre agents are primarily classified into two major processes: customer support or telesales across all channels from voice, email to social and chat. There are various sub-processes — from lead nurturing to debt collection depending on an organization’s business objective. Support systems are the suitable tech tools or the CX stack that are used in the processes. For example, for a customer’s Call-Me-Back process, an agent at the minimum uses a telephone line integrated to a CRM followed by a disposition export/capture into a ticketing tool.  

Virtual Contact Centre Representatives at VOIZ
At VOIZ, a virtual contact centre rep is someone who works from home using their phone or their laptop as a call centre agent. Agents can work from anywhere and all they need is a stable internet connection and a computer or a phone that is capable of running the caller or chat interface. To make or take calls, the agent will be required to work in a quiet environment with sufficient network connectivity. 

Agents associated with VOIZ can be from any walk of life, with varied to a minimum background in education but are always expected to provide their customers with a consistent experience, regardless of who they reach. So agents need to be hands-on when it comes to handling customers and their queries when it’s over a voice call. Agents who answer chat, email, and text messages, are expected to be well-organized multi-taskers, with an eye for detail and with the ability to type fast. 

VOIZ’s contact centre software is accessible through the internet and allows you to access it through your smartphone or your laptop. VOIZ’s contact centre software offers the tools, technologies, and functionalities that are most relevant for any industry, integrated with different parts of the software that assists in delivering a seamless customer relationship experience making it easy for agents to use this technology and perform their jobs.

Laying down of duties, responsibilities, and services:
While being a contact centre agent can be fun, chaotic, and interesting; here’s exactly what the responsibilities of an agent include depending on the field of communication of your preference. 

  • Answering inbound calls or incoming phone calls.
  • Responding to text messages.
  • Answering emails.
  • Responding to the support tickets.
  • Engaging in live chats and conversations.
  • Making outbound calls.

Agents deal with a variety of customer-related support issues such as:

  • Pre-sales calls
  • Inbound or outbound sales calls
  • General queries 
  • Bill payments 
  • Complaints and related issues
  • Technical support
  • Upgrades, closures, booking, reminders, and follow-ups

Agents must always make sure to:

  • Answer calls within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Resolve most calls within the first mode of contact.
  • If the call isn’t resolved, connect, refer, or direct them to the accurate department.
  • Ensure and verify that the customer is happy and doesn’t require any further service.
  • Handle the required or desired number of calls per day.

Who can become an agent? 
Being an agent can be an extremely gratifying experience. You’re out there to help navigate people through their difficulties with a view to resolve them and keep customers happy. Through this process, agents might find that the job role may be demanding and stressful in nature but not difficult to manage as the role by itself is ever-evolving. But then again, with every job comes its share of challenges. Most of the training being on the job, agents will have a better grasp of the role from working real-time. With VOIZ, there is the added advantage of flexibility which enables the work to be less repetitive. With time the role of an agent becomes diverse, interactive, and rewarding.

How much do agents earn?
At VOIZ, agents enjoy increased job satisfaction and an increased pay rate as they do not have to spend their money on transportation, professional clothing, eating out, etc. Since the nature of the work is essentially work from home, their workday will feel shorter and they may enjoy more leisure and relaxation time while getting paid for the hours they work! So ideally, an agent at VOIZ earns roughly about Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 35,000 for an average of 8 hours per day depending on the process and the company. Agents can opt for 4-hour slots as well depending on their convenience. 

Agents: The essential part of customer service
Being an agent isn’t always easy but at the same time, there’s always the feeling of accomplishment attached at the end of every call. Agents must deal with a large number of customers every day and being a customer-facing job, it requires you to cater to all their individual needs. It is a position that requires excellent communication skills, people handling skills, and problem-solving skills. These agents are designed to serve the company and its clients at the forefront, contributing to overall customer satisfaction. To read more about agent metrics you need to know about, click here.

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