Top 6 perks attached with being a telesales agent at VOIZ

Telesales as a career is indeed underappreciated because of the reputation it has garnered in the past. It is time that this perception surrounding telesales is erased as telesales is genuinely an essential job. VOIZ has partnered with many companies who are looking to expand their telesales teams; which means they are looking to recruit and fill those kinds of positions. And at VOIZ, a career in telesales immediately translates to the possibilities of not just financial success but also personal development and satisfaction. 

What does working as a telesales agent at VOIZ exactly entail?
In a few words, the position of a telesales agent at VOIZ, demands that the agent becomes a true voice of the business, brand or company that he/she represents. VOIZ requires the agent to have or build great communication skills; in addition to qualities such as patience, gravity, persuasiveness and empathy. The most necessary skill that all telesales agents are required to possess or eventually build is the confidence and trust in one’s ability to connect with the prospect and sell. 
A person in this position is directly involved in contacting the right prospects and promoting and selling the services and products offered by the company. Regardless of the projects assigned, the telesales agent has the freedom to work from wherever he chooses to, provided he has a phone or a laptop and internet connection. 

Perks of being a telesales agent at VOIZ


A career in telesales not just offers financial satisfaction but also the opportunity to grow and develop from a professional standpoint. It is undeniable that being a telesales agent offers many benefits that other work-from-home professions don’t. Telesales jobs are becoming more and more sought after lately, making it an urgency to highlight the benefits that are derived from being a telesales agent at VOIZ. 

Perk #1: All you will need to have is minimal start experience


If you are a recent graduate, a stay-at-home parent, a retired individual, someone who hasn’t worked in years or even someone who quit their job and require financial assistance in bridging the pay gap; becoming a telesales agent is a great place to start as they don’t have the experience demands that many other job positions require. It is a great way to get your foot on the ladder and into the doors of various well-reputed companies.  

Whether you are trying to follow a new career path or fresh out of college; being a telesales agent at VOIZ will help you launch your career minus the job searching frustration involved when you don’t have enough experience. At VOIZ, we prioritize your personality, your attitude to work, your motivation, and your understanding of the brand and its goal. By signing up as a telesales agent; you will be hired regardless of your background or work experience and you do not have to fear being assessed against set criteria.

Perk #2: You will have the option of setting your working hours


By this, we mean that at VOIZ you will have the flexibility of working time slots that suit your convenience. Unlike other careers where you will need to follow a structured schedule and strict timely routine; being a telesales agent allows you to have flexibility in your working hours according to which your base salary is set. If you want to pursue your hobby as a music teacher in the mornings and want to work an evening time slot, you most certainly can. These time slots being pockets of four hours, will also keep you energized and motivated as opposed to 12-hour work shifts. 

According to a study conducted by Psychology Today, you tend to be happier and more productive; working at times you feel your best at! This is one of the greatest benefits attached with being a telesales agent; you will have the liberty to manage your time while also having the opportunity to arrange your schedule however you see fit while also doing honest work and earning for yourself.

Perk #3: You will have absolutely no take-home work whatsoever


According to a survey conducted by Good Technology, it was found that 80% of workers working in other professions tend to take their work home. The research further discovered that:

  • 57% read work emails during family time.
  • 40% are still doing work well after 10 pm. 
  • 50% check work emails while in bed.
  • 38% read or respond to work emails at the dinner table.

At VOIZ we prioritize the need for work-life balance. So many professions require you to take work home in the evening and on the weekends, blurring the line between personal space and professional time. According to a study in the journal PLoS ONE, people who work 11 hours or more in a day are more likely to suffer from depression. At VOIZ, even if a telesales agent chooses to work two-time slots; he will be working a maximum of 8 hours only. And that is also only if he chooses to work for those hours, otherwise, he can choose a single time slot which comprises four working hours. And these working hours are also left to the choice of the agent! When you are working with VOIZ, once you have logged out of your system, you are done for the day and free to do whatever you please with the time after.

Perk #4: You will have constant training sessions and limitless learning opportunities

A career in telesales will help you develop a wide range of skills and acquire knowledge and data from multiple projects which will prove to be indispensable in time. At VOIZ, telesales agents will be trained as a part of their onboarding process, with regard to the project they are being hired for. As the voice of various brands, you will not only come to understand the various types of products and services the business offers but also learn all the transferable and soft skills you will need to accomplish your deliverables as a telesales agent. The skills you will learn and develop here can be of use in other fields allowing you to take on new challenges and become a better professional. One of the most important skills you will need in your career is the ability to interact and get along with people. Telesales will teach you how to communicate with people, connect with them and influence them leaving a lot of room for you to experiment, learn and master the art of selling. 

Perk #5: You will expand your professional network


By being a telesales agent with VOIZ, you will be associated with various projects of notable brands thereby giving you the opportunity to interact with various managers and team leaders internally, and externally, you will encounter people from different walks of life and have conversations with all types of people gaining an insight into consumer behaviour, customer purchase approach etc. 

You will have the chance to meet and interact with product developers, VPs, business owners, vendors, suppliers, etc regularly exposing yourself to learn a great deal about different perspectives and mindsets. Meeting new people will help you network better and expand your career net, providing you with great opportunities in the future. 

Perk #6 You will be the voice of numerous well-known brands


You have the control to etch an image of the brand in the minds of your prospects. Becoming the voice of many reputed and renowned companies and brands at such an early stage in one’s career is a feather in the cap of your professional life. 

Being a telesales agent offers limitless learning opportunities accompanied by earning potential to match it up with. You will rarely have an uneventful day in your time in telesales because of the number of people you interact with, on a daily basis along with factors like economic fluctuations, consumer preferences, technological changes etc that directly or indirectly affect the sales industry. Each day is a new, exciting and different experience. 

An average day can include researching and calling up clients, reinstating relationships with existing clients, fostering techniques to attract new clients, devising strategies to increase sales among other things. It is an understatement to say that a career in telesales is rewarding. According to a telesales agent who has been working with us for the past 5 months, ‘Nothing can give me more satisfaction than closing the deal or increasing sales. It’s a rush and it keeps me going!”. In addition to boosting your self-confidence, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment. The people you meet, the skills you develop, the flexibility allotted, the things you learn, etc easily outweigh the challenges in this profession.


If the benefits managed to convince you to join our company as a telesales agent, then look no further and wait no longer! Hit the link to get started as an agent today! 

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