How VOIZ is the solution to providing customer support services for companies

Customer support is a vital part of business operations that can make an impact on the overall image and reputation of the organization. The core of customer support jobs, on the other hand, is what enables the customers to interact with agents, making sure customers are greeted, treated, and valued well which directly makes customers feel like they are being appreciated. VOIZ focuses on companies attaining a long-term boost in growth and revenue through CX and for agents focuses on landing relevant telesales jobs and/or customer support jobs that match the skillsets of agents and help them to attract customers and keep them satisfied. 

Problem 1: Poorly performed customer support can cause customer churn and can affect the revenue. 

Solution: Revenue is directly proportional to good customer service. But for that to happen, the company needs to decide to have an allocation for customer support or telesales jobs. VOIZ is a marketplace that connects and matches companies who need to fill their job positions with agents who are willing to fulfil the roles and responsibilities of an agent. At VOIZ, good customer support is prioritized and the agents associated with VOIZ are trained and well-versed in the process areas that they apply to. VOIZ helps organizations to access CX talent easily and helps create customer support job opportunities that benefit the business greatly. 

Problem 2: Oftentimes, companies hire people to handle customer support without checking into the support agent’s experience or their ability to handle high volume calls, or their capacity to handle customers in general. By taking customer support lightly and filling these job roles without properly considering and analyzing the talent in question for the job; it is regarded as one seat lost despite gaining physical occupancy. 

Solution: With VOIZ’s detailed analysis of its agents which collects details of the agents such as work experience, hardware availability, preferred workdays; time slots, project types, etc. VOIZ aims to identify talent and create unique job profiles that complement the agent; making sure to match them with customer support and/or telesales job profiles wherein their talent can be recognized. At VOIZ, we make sure to curate individual agent profiles that help companies to find their fit which further helps to create their customer support team to deliver exceptional results that directly and positively impact the growth of the company. 

Problem 3: Employee Retention is congruent to customer satisfaction. This is an issue because changing your customer support agents now and then during the project, ends up leaving the CX job to be sloppy and sometimes not in correlation with the kind of relationship the company might want to establish with its clients. 

Solution: At VOIZ, every detail regarding the job is well documented and communicated to the agents which thereby prepares them for the telesales job or the customer support job that they apply for or get invited to. VOIZ focuses on employee/agent retention because retaining customer support further paves the way for client acquisition. This allows agents to work through the entirety of the project with a clear understanding of the job and results in uniformity of customer support ultimately resulting in the satisfaction of customers and agents alike.

We have provided satisfactory services to clients such as Furlenco, Byju’s, Make My Trip, Ola, Oyo, Swiggy, etc. Sign up with us and get exceptional customer support and telesales services. 

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