Part I: 6 benefits of working with VOIZ as per what our agents have to say

At VOIZ, our agents make us who we are! Most of our agents who join us have been with us throughout the course of the company. These are the reasons why VOIZ can work smoothly like a well-oiled machine! The past two years have been a ride with our brands and agents working together to make the most out of the customer support and telesales to enhance the overall customer experience. With the New Year around the corner, here are some of our agents who have something to say and share about the advantages of working with VOIZ. 

Benefit #1 VOIZ keeps an eye out for burnouts


“Before I joined VOIZ, I thought workplace burnouts were normal and inevitable but after working there I have come to realize that VOIZ is designed in ways to keep agents from burning out with their work pacing and project choices. Working here for 4 hours every day and still making the most out of my personal life has helped me detach and yet find the work motivation I need every day. Also, take it from me as I have been working here for the past one year.” 
– Swati, 37, Guwahati 

Benefit #2 VOIZ offers flexible and remote working 


There are work pressures and challenges everywhere but what I find different at VOIZ is that we get to battle out the biggest challenge of them all, at least for me, which is daily commuting. I genuinely enjoy my job so much more because I have the freedom to work from home and not have to worry about catching three busses to get to the main city. Living in the outskirts of the city for the first time has not been a limitation for me in order to land a good job. This has helped me so much with my anxiety and in my ability to perform well.

-Nithya, 29, Secunderabad 

Benefit #3 VOIZ encourages breaks 


Never have I worked with a company that encourages ‘off-time’ or ‘break-time’ as VOIZ does. I am a sixty-year-old man and in my four-hour shift, I may need to take a bathroom break or a quick window to grab a coffee which is all possible and done without the haste or the pressure to get back to work because VOIZ allotted that break time and I couldn’t be more glad. In my younger days, I worked with offices that looked down upon us when we wanted a small break, at VOIZ they tell us these breaks are vital to my health and productivity and I couldn’t agree more!”

– Ramkishen, 63, Alappuzha 

Benefit #4 VOIZ prioritises agent health 


“I found out about VOIZ while I was sick and was getting treatment. Thankfully my Carcinoma was detected at an early stage and I was able to focus on getting better through treatment and medication. What started out as a distraction for me in my patient bed has now grown with me to become my full-time job. They allowed me to prioritize my health, take my necessary breaks and choose projects and days that I found most comfortable. I have only VOIZ to thank for my mental and physical wellness.”

– Kuldeep, 32, Jalandhar 

Benefit #5 VOIZ has regular payouts


“With WFH projects, there is always the uncertainty of getting paid. But with VOIZ, I have had the best experiences with getting my salaries on time. I couldn’t be happier as I don’t have to run behind anybody about sending my payouts on time. Even if I forget about my salary, I know for sure that VOIZ will not.”

-Rukmani, 43, Chennai

If you are intrigued and inspired by what our agents have to say, then sign up with us to experience these benefits and more from being an agent at VOIZ!

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