Part II : 5 benefits of working with VOIZ going by what our agents have to say

VOIZ takes great pride in being a reliable source of employment for thousands of agents working on the platform today. We have partnered with a wide range of well-reputed brands and companies that gives our agents the opportunity to work for the best while feeling their best! Here is Part II of what our agents have to say about working with VOIZ

Benefit #1 Involves reduced health care costs 


My main motivation in this job sector has been the advantage of working from home and what an advantage it is! This has drastically changed my outlook towards working and has significantly improved my physical and mental well-being. I have a better grip on my work-life balance while having reduced commuting stress. 

I’m able to work without worrying about getting back home in time for dinner or work without worrying about being able to see my son before he goes off to sleep. I am now calmer, able to concentrate, enjoy the present while being able to eat well, sleep better and work harder. All thanks to VOIZ for helping me appreciate life better.

– Mayank, 33, Mumbai

Benefit #2 Borderless workspaces 


“I live on the outskirts of Bangalore which makes it very difficult for me to commute. I have lost plenty of job opportunities because of my inability to travel to the job location on a permanent basis. My mother suffers from paralysis and needs to be monitored 24/7. Being the only child and the only earning member of my family, I don’t have the means to hire a nurse during the time I am gone. 

Having spent years looking for jobs and getting fired out of some for the leaves I take or for not being there on time, I have finally found a solution where I can stay where I am and work from there. Being near my mother and working has given me the mental peace no other job has been able to provide me. VOIZ works in such progressive ways that I need a moment to thank them for not making the location a barrier to their search in finding talent and for making the lives of an entire family so much easier!”

– Hanifa, 26, Bangalore 

Benefit #3 VOIZ has an increased workforce diversity


I went to a Government school in Coimbatore and grew up with prejudices like FC, MBC, I knew things were going to be difficult for me and they were. I belonged to the MBC division and I would always see people with better educational backgrounds get the job or the opportunity. I have resigned myself to believe that we would never get the first preferences but after being introduced to VOIZ, that idea completely shifted for me. I have increased confidence in myself and renewed faith that there can exist a world without any bias and prejudice and where we all have equal access to all opportunities.

– Guru, 25, Coimbatore 

Benefit #4 VOIZ improves agent productivity 


VOIZ has improved my ability to focus and concentrate on my work. Before working at the office physically would mentally drain me out as I’d be thinking of family or if the children had reached home safe, or if my father-in-law has taken his medication etc. The worry would always be lurking in the back of my mind. Now working from home for this phenomenal company; I am able to perform my role as a customer support agent to the fullest while also doing my role as wife, daughter and mother to perfection as well

– Nandhini. K 

Benefit #5 Greater environmental responsibility 


I am an environmentalist when I am not working for VOIZ. With my masters in business analytics, I can work just about anywhere but my knowledge and interest in the current environmental situation have awakened to a point where I cannot work with a company that contributes negatively to the cause. The average worker spends almost an hour each day commuting,  with negative impacts on both the employee’s health and the air quality. VOIZ is one of those few companies that have managed to propagate the right message by working from home even after the COVID restrictions were lifted. Here, the company cares about its agents and actually works to get the best for them.

– Nimmi.S, 36, Gurgaon 

If you want to experience the joy and satisfaction of working in incredible companies while also having the option of working from home, sign up with VOIZ now, to fully enjoy and experience the benefits of working with VOIZ. 

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