Part I: Here’s how our agents plan on spending this festive season with VOIZ

Christmas is right around the corner and the holiday spirit is in full swing everywhere. Heading up towards the winters, all of our people working at VOIZ are excited about the end of year holidays which includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year. It’s the perfect time and opportunity to gather with friends and family, eat a scrumptious meal and catch up on the past year. That said we also realise that for a lot of people, the Pandemic has soiled any chance of such plans while threatening to worsen an already delicate mental health situation. 


Balancing work and holiday celebrations isn’t always easy. At VOIZ, we encourage our agents to prepare themselves and get ready to celebrate the job of Christmas! While the festive season goes on for a good week or so, you are working most of those days! So how does the balance happen? Let’s ask five of our customer support and telesales agents at VOIZ and find out!


Christmas is a big deal in our household! Most of the women in our family work with VOIZ as telesales and customer support agents and we couldn’t be happier about this! My sister, my mother, my daughter and I work with VOIZ for four hours on different working days. And we all a better schedule that most people working for corporate companies.

There is a lot of pressure this year because the fam-bam Christmas celebrations didn’t take place last year and most of the responsibilities of making up for last year falls on my shoulders. My mom and I finish our morning four-hour slot and have the rest of the day to prep for our Christmas feast which includes decorating the house, planning meals, prepping the wine, etc. I love how VOIZ has made it so easy to me to enjoy my work while also enjoying setting up my home for the Holidays!

– Matilda Correya, Telesales Agent


Growing up, Christmas and New Year were considered the big events because our relatives from America would come down and the entire house will be decorated and filled with people speaking different things but playing, laughing, and eating the same things! I never knew how much my mother was doing back then and I genuinely do not know how she did it without any help. There would always be a big breakfast that we would wake up to and another lunch spread followed by snacks, dinner and desserts- all made with love and with the same gumption as the first meal.

I used to work an 18-hour job for the US shift for a big corporate for close to seven years and realized that all it gave me was anxiety and a tonne of stress. After joining VOIZ, I feel more centred and I am able to gauge and realise all that is truly important to me and my family tops that list. Be it birthdays, anniversaries; I am so much more in the present. Becoming a business development manager at VOIZ has somehow allowed me to understand myself as a person and as a professional individual. Now I’m able to carve out time to get the house ready for my relatives and my really large family while also carrying on with work! Super excited for the holidays and everything to come!

– Santana Smaller, Business Development Manager


I missed everything. Birthdays, festivals, all of it. These things didn’t matter to me also because they did not fit in with my work schedule. Thankfully, I got laid off during the Pandemic and had to come back to India from Dubai and was forced to sign up with VOIZ as the customer support agent which I was initially extremely sceptical about but would soon go on to becoming the best decision I ever made! Can’t wait for Christmas this year because I’m also getting married and we get to celebrate with a whole new family. So glad VOIZ is a strong part of whatever is going with my life right now.

– Richard J, Inside Sales Specialist


Mom’s a Hindu and dad is a Christian and in our home, every festival is celebrated as it should be. I used to work erratic timings before which meant that I wouldn’t stay for after-dinner drinks or for games or for just enjoy my meal in peace. I worked in trading which required me to constantly stay online or ook at some screen or the other which obviously meant losing out on family time. This is the first Christmas after joining VOIZ for their full-time role that I have the time to enjoy and just be. I’m thankful for the way VOIZ has been encouraging us to have fun and work in a flexible way which makes me want to be a better agent while also making me want to be a better friend, daughter and holiday person!

– Meethi  F., Customer Support Executive 


Check out the next blog to see how more of our agents are prepping for the Holidays with VOIZ. If you are looking to find jobs that are flexible and are in tune with your holiday spirit and cheer, sign up with VOIZ now!

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