Last Christmas to this Christmas: Alyona completes one year of working with VOIZ

Hi there. I’m Alyona and working as a Customer support specialist for the past year at VOIZ and I honestly couldn’t be happier.

‘Tis is the season to be jolly and we couldn’t think of a better person to celebrate Christmas with! Alyona moved to Mangalore two years ago from Russia just before the Pandemic set in, after getting married to her significant other. Having worked as an English teacher in Russia, Alyona knew it would be a struggle to find work in India. She started as a home baker and made Russian specials and catered to the area she was living in. When the Pandemic set in a few months later, she was bereft of any work and spent the next six months of quarantine locked at home with not much to do.

I fell in love with Vinay and followed him all the way to India and married him which was great. I did not think of anything more. When reality set in, I knew finding a job was going to be challenging especially since I am a Russian citizen but with the support of my in-laws and husband I strived to make something of myself, professionally. Now who saw the Pandemic coming, it just obliterated all my chances of finding a decent job or so I thought.

Alyona spent nine months looking for jobs from home. She did many one time gigs and took a couple of tuitions for a few students looking to learn Russian but nothing gave her the financial independence that she was looking for at the time. She worked for a few online companies but ended up leaving midway or parting on a bad note due to inconsistencies in communication or work delegation or even in receiving payments. She had given up on the idea of working in any form of corporate workspace for the time being and relied on her baking to keep her occupied.

I’ve heard of plenty of people from various nationalities finding jobs in India but the fact that I was not was stressing me out. It frustrated me so much that I took so long to find anything of good quality. The jobs I would land were unreliable and some hirers would even disappear after a few days of my getting the so-called job. I spent a lot of time watching other people working, wishing I too would during the COVID times.

Fourteen days before Christmas, Alyona’s sister-in-law came down from Banglore to visit the family and introduced her to VOIZ. Having had so many dull and poor experiences with online jobs, Alyona was sceptical at first but then was convinced after she found out that her sister-in-law worked part for VOIZ herself! Three days later, she created her profile and applied for customer support roles. Having had no experience in the field, she thought she wouldn’t be accepted at all but four days before Christmas, she found a two-day-old email letting her know that she has been accepted for the next interview round. Having now known of the working culture at VOIZ, Alyona was thrilled and got through the interview which she scheduled at her own pace and convenience. On Christmas eve, she discovered that she got the job and has been working there since!

I have learnt that the best things in life happen at the most unexpected of times. I remember Amrita, my husband’s sister mentioning VOIZ to me, where she was working as a telesales agent before she arrived at our place for Christmas but I wasn’t paying attention until she sat me down and created the profile for me. I was liberated from the vicious circle of having to do one-time jobs and other random things online to earn a buck or two. After joining VOIZ, I finally experienced professional joy. I could finally say I was employed somewhere and especially somewhere that I loved working at.

I can bake, take Russian lessons for two students while also having a full-time job that has my back professionally and which manages to reflect my joy personally. This Christmas will mark my one year of working with VOIZ. Of working with a company that trusted me implicitly and helped me become better at my job thanks to the support team and my team members and managers! VOIZ allowed me to challenge myself and conquer my fears. VOIZ has helped me stress less, enjoy more, love my work and also value my time. Thank you for being the kind of work platform everyone needs right now!

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