4 reasons you are struggling to fill your telesales team

It is no surprise that hiring is tough and hiring for your telesales team can be even more difficult. When qualification, culture fit, budget, filling urgency, etc are thrown into the mix, the process can become complex and can go haywire if not handled properly. As the owner of a business or a hiring manager, there must have been a point where you may have thought, ‘why is this so difficult?’. Well, we are here to tell you that it is not easy to fill open positions and even if you do, what’s the guarantee that these candidates will last longer than four days? Attracting quality candidates isn’t as simple as advertising that you are hiring. Telesales requires candidates who have excellent communication skills, product knowledge, selling skills, and who are self-driven, can handle rejection and are highly pressured etc and these are not qualities that are easy to find. 

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Talent acquisition for telesales that is done in-house requires the hiring team to always be on the lookout for candidates with specific skill sets that also meet the organization or business’ long term needs. This can take a lot of time, money and effort to fill out the positions and not to forget the additional resources required to retain them. Telesales, if done correctly, can be one of the powerful tools to generate new leads and close deals. That is why hiring the right talent to fill your telesales team is imperative to kickstart a successful talent acquisition strategy. One that not only works but also is long-lasting. But first, let’s explore some of the challenges that affect the in-house talent acquisition process and how VOIZ can be of help to you. 

Challenge #1: Not being able to attract the right candidates 
If you have ever tried to recruit the best candidate out of a pool of unqualified candidates or talent, then that will let you know that your options are limited. Your choice for filling the telesales position will be limited to the person available to you at the time but not someone who is the best fit for the role. This is often the case as the internal recruiters don’t have the access to a wide range of options that are better suited for the job role i.e. telesales. This role requires key skills and one of the best ways to hire for telesales is often from a small pipeline of more qualified candidates.

How VOIZ can help: VOIZ provides a robust recruitment service by providing access to a wide range of talent. Unlike other platforms, VOIZ makes sure to understand exactly what kind of project or process the candidate is looking to work for. This clarity is applied while candidates are looking for jobs and while companies are looking for telesales agents. VOIZ can not only help you attract the right talent with our wide reserve of verified candidates but also integrates and strategically aligns along with your talent cycle. 

Challenge #2: Candidates that aren’t able to reach company expectations
If your talent pool is shallow with unqualified candidates, then that is the challenge that the internal recruiters are facing. 

How VOIZ can help: According to a study conducted by SHRM, 51% of organizations lack the volume of candidates they need to make a quality hire. The trouble often lies in locating the talent that hits or exceeds the company expectations. VOIZ helps you reduce recruitment costs and time to hire by regurgitating talent pipelines that help meet the expectations of the company. This gives hiring managers a whole new diverse and comprehensive candidate database to choose from. Since our candidates go through a self-screening process, we can evaluate their areas of strengths and interests with which we can build talent pipelines that match the needs of the company, with the interest of the candidates ensuring increased productivity and retention. What companies often miss in the hiring search is what VOIZ aims to provide for you, by finding candidates that fit the role of a telesales agent with the required skills and competencies. 

Challenge #3: Lack of experience in selling
This is one of the most common pain points amongst hiring managers while looking to fill their telesales positions, internally. An applicant with good skills but no experience cannot be recruited for the telesales team. And how long can they wait till the perfect candidate comes by?  

How VOIZ can help: VOIZ has access to skilled professionals and specialists with adequate experience and qualifications that are required for telesales. VOIZ also has newer workers entering the workforce with skill sets in emerging and related fields who can be easily trained to build their ability in prospecting and selling. VOIZ prioritizes finding and engaging the right talent with the right amount of experience and capabilities for jobs like telesales that require it.

Challenge #4: Quick hiring 
Vacant positions and empty job roles cost money and delay various operations. This is probably why recruitment teams want to hire as quickly as possible. Yet depending on the requirements and expectations set by the company for the job role, making the perfect hire can take a long while adding pressure on hiring managers and frustrating recruitment teams. This can lead to additional internal chaos while hiring managers struggle to reach a consensus eventually leading to talented candidates finding recruitment opportunities elsewhere. 

How VOIZ can help: VOIZ already has the hiring process in place. All the company needs to do is hire tried and tested telesales agents from our portal and manage various hiring stages such as shortlisting, selecting, training and production on VOIZ itself. Therefore, not only is the company getting agents that match their requirements but is also able to manage, operationalize and monitor their KPIs in less time and in a cost-efficient manner. In addition to that VOIZ develops competency-based performance reviews and helps revitalize the usage of performance data more effectively.

How VOIZ can help you with successful talent acquisition:
It goes without saying that in order to accomplish your business goals, you need the right people and talent to help you get there. But for long-lasting success, you may need these people to stick around and grow and evolve with your business. But just your internal recruitment team will not be able to access the entire breadth of the market; which is where VOIZ steps in. The very nature of VOIZ is to present relevant options to hiring managers after scanning, surveying and screening the candidates who are on their hunt for specific job roles. While you are hard at work, VOIZ helps you funnel talent for your telesales team making the whole process simple and cost and time-efficient. 

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