Product knowledge is imperative for finding success in telesales. Here’s why

As an agent, it might surprise you to know that there are many agents in the field of sales and customer support that don’t know much about the product they are selling or fetching a resolution for. For example, the telesales agent may know that their product is ‘great’, ‘perfect’ and a ‘good choice’ but will not be able to say any more about it. Nowadays it’s easier to know more about the products or services you are working with than it was ever before. 

Product knowledge is a competency required for the job role of a telesales agent as well as a customer support agent. For instance, if a customer calls up with queries and issues related to a certain product; the customer support agent will be able to answer her queries to satisfaction plus resolve the issue more effectively. While attributes like friendliness and great communication skills are essential, product knowledge is one of the foundations upon which the relationship between the customer and the business can be built and strengthened. 

5 ways product knowledge can help telesales agents increase sales:

  • Helps in crafting improved pitches
    Selling the benefits and the features of the product or service in just the right amount is something most telesales agents should do. By taking the time to learn the product you will automatically take the time to understand how this product fits the needs of the customer. This enables you to answer WHY a customer should be using this particular product or service, making your pitch customer-centric while also positioning the product in a way that it is favoured. Knowing various details about the product will help you craft signature pictures and will help you to rely less on scripts, enabling you to personalize each interaction.
  • Enhances enthusiasm 
    Enthusiasm is infectious and it is easily one of the best selling tools in the field. Customers can sense when an agent is being genuinely enthusiastic about a service or product that they are trying to sell. Therefore by generating enthusiasm, you are eliminating any doubt or uncertainty surrounding the product not being the best fit for the customer. The easiest way to become passionate about the product you are selling is to believe in it and the fastest way to achieve that is by learning about it. The knowledge helps customers believe in you, therefore, believing in the product you are trying to sell them.
  • Improves communication
    When an agent has a thorough understanding of the product or service, it can allow him/her to use different methods and techniques of positioning the product in ways that customers might find appealing. It will automatically help the agent to convey his pitch quickly and with lucidity. It also gives the agent the chance to identify, curate and adapt individualized sales presentations for different audiences and prospects. An agent who knows his product well will be able to communicate the benefits to various prospects and will be able to convert them into customers better than someone who isn’t as well-versed in what they are selling. 
  • Boosts confidence 
    Knowing your product gives you an edge as a telesales agent because of the self-assurance that comes with it. ‘Fear’ often tends to plague telesales agents but knowing more about the product will help ease out that feeling of ‘fear’ as you’ll be more than prepared to face any situation that gets thrown your way. If a customer isn’t fully committed or convinced to complete a sale, the difference may lie in the lack of confidence that the agent has displayed towards the knowledge of the product. By educating oneself with the product, helps cement confidence and aids in converting into sales. 
  • Helps in responding to objections with clarity
    Whether it’s regarding the price of the product or a comparison with a competitor; knowing enough and more about the product allows the agent to explain the value of it. Objections made by customers are nothing more than queries that need the ideal answers. If they tend to raise objections, it is mostly because of their need to know how the product is the best solution for them and that information can be relayed only if the agent is aware of the product. Being well-versed in the service or product you’re trying to sell allows you to easily counter oppositions or objections. 

3 strategies you can adopt while increasing your product knowledge

Benjamin Franklin rightly said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. Knowledge is power and when it comes to selling effectively; a strong understanding of the products and services you are offering plays a large role in grabbing the attention of your prospects and creating a lasting relationship with them. Product education and learning is an ongoing process and something that will elevate your potency as a salesperson. Customers, today, are armed with their knowledge of various products making them an educated consumer base which gives agents all the more reason to know of the services and products they are offering. 

Strategy #1 Devote the time
Learning about the products and services will take time. Take that time to read up about the service or product and talk with more experienced people on the team to get their perspectives about the product. Avoid rushing into any strategy or method you want to implement. Give yourself the time to educate and get accustomed to what you are trying to sell. It will help ease your selling process and might just make it more enjoyable!

Strategy #2 Get your basics right
Mastering product knowledge is not the easiest thing to do as organizations and businesses offer various products and services of which some of which may be evolving. By getting accustomed to the basics will help you establish a smooth relationship with the product you are selling. 

Strategy #3 Understand the ‘need’
It can be frustrating to study every single detail and aspect of the products which is why a better way to go about it is by understanding the need that a particular product solves. It may take you a while to understand the solutions as each customer is different and so are their requirements. But once you do over time you will become confident and comfortable in providing the right information to your prospective customers.

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