Part I: Here are 6 reasons why you need to sign up with VOIZ, this New Year!

Over the past few years, remote working has become a way of life for many workers and employees alike. According to GetApp, the number of remote workers has increased by 400%. Upwork has also predicted that in the next 8 years, 73% of all team members will be working remotely. The obvious advantage of remote working includes, agent/employee motivation, increased productivity, and increased employee retention. The best part about working remotely is that it is all-inclusive. It doesn’t just apply to staff working remotely i.e. the ones telecommuting but this also applies to contract workers, freelancers, international workers, frontline workers etc. 

For job seekers who are still hesitant about making that leap from traditional to flexible work, here are some great reasons we have to offer as to why you need to start off with us to experience the best of ‘working from home’. 

Reason #1 You can work virtually from just about anywhere


One of the biggest reasons why working with VOIZ is the best thing to do this year is because you can do it from anywhere without any worries of after-work work or extending your chosen work hours. If your New Year resolutions involve travelling more or spending more time with family, then VOIZ is where you need to be! 

Reason #2  Verified Companies and Projects 


VOIZ is the platform you lay your trust on and our job is to provide you with opportunities from the best companies possible! We have teams devoted to verifying every company and project that gets sent to you or gets viewed by you. In addition to that, we also fetch you the best packages while also making sure that you get your pay-outs right on time without any delays. 

Reason #3 Diverse CX Experiences


No two jobs are the same. At VOIZ, you will have the opportunity to work on different projects and processes while also having the freedom to make your own decisions based on your work experience and your personal interests. The people you will interact with, within and outside of work and the kind of processes you will work with will help in securing incredible connections while also building your work exposure and professional experience. 

Reason #4 Zero Commuting Stress 


According to the Auto Insurance Centre, commuters spend about 100 hours commuting, and 41 hours stuck in traffic each year and that really adds up when you split it on a day-to-day basis. Commuting to work is often associated with increased levels of anxiety and stress. Ditching the commute helps in supporting your mental health while also benefitting your physical health. The time that you save on travelling to and from work can really help you focus on other priorities such as spending more time with family, getting those extra hours of sleep in, or even being able to tuck your kids in before bedtime. 

Reason #5 Build your work environment how you want to


One of the best parts about working from home with VOIZ apart from the decrease in office distractions is that you can set up your home office or workspace however you want to. Gone are the days where you’ll need to be stuck in an inspiring cubicle! Personalise your home workspace however you want it, without having to adhere to office regulations or without it interfering with your colleagues’ interests. This is an important aspect of working from home as it can have a direct impact on your output and productivity levels.

Reason #6 Flexible work timings and schedule 



We tried to save the best for the last. VOIZ does not have any specific policies about working hours. We leave that to you to decide. If you wish to work the 4-hour slot then so be it or if you want an 8-hour slot, that’s possible too! Here, you have the freedom to choose your best working hours. If you are a morning person, you can your hours to take advantage of your most active and productive time of the day. Alternatively, if you are working in the mornings or just have other things to do, then you can choose your hours accordingly! 

Sign up with VOIZ today to get started as a remote customer support or telesales agent and reap the benefits of working from home! 

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