How does VOIZ help companies find the best customer support talent?

People often wonder why a certain company A doesn’t offer the level of convenience or personalization they experience at another company B which provides similar services. That is because company B that the people liked has built their business models on customer data and tailor-made all of their activities according to the needs of the customers. This is why CX is relevant in today’s day and age. Traditional companies may have spotted the slow escalating demand for customer service talent but wouldn’t have acted on that market appetite. Whereas many other companies that actively respond to new customer expectations and requirements directly means a significant impact on the status quo. To sum up, organizations and businesses that prioritize and handle their customer support can ramp up their customer satisfaction and improve their bottom line.

In the past, the objective was optimum operational efficiency and product excellence but today with customer support and service jobs on the rise, it is evident that agents are the driving force of the organization in terms of productivity and performance improvement which directly translates to long term success for the company and the agent. With customer expectations and demands on the rise, only agents capable of handling and managing the customers and converting expectations to experience will win them over. Customer service talent is therefore compelled to design, structure, and curate personalized experiences irrespective of channel, medium or touchpoint so that consumers can enjoy their customer privileges which they are entitled to whenever and wherever they choose. 

In this article we explore the need, challenges and benefits of having well-trained customer support agents in the daily DNA of businesses and the need, challenges and benefits that companies face:

Customer experience isn’t an expense. Managing customer experience bolsters your brand.
– Stan Phelps

Customer experience is important for the customers of an organization and that can be enhanced only through the right kind of talent. Companies and agents collaborate to create unique customer experiences that can stand out from the business’ competitors. Differentiation today is all. By creating a memorable experience, customers will in turn promote, purchase and continue staying loyal.

Problem: Find the right agents that suit your CX model.
Solution: VOIZ’s talent reserve is always evolving and advancing. The talent acquisition process at VOIZ is always in accordance with the job requirements of the company. We target agents that suit your exact job requirements. There are agents skilled in various processes that can understand the service operations for a particular organization or business and therefore provide the best customer support for multiple customers. 

Problem: Difficulty in connecting and collaborating with agents remotely.
Solution: At VOIZ, communication across the board is seamless and collaboration is uninterrupted and consistent as we rely on the latest technology to keep the agents in the loop. VOIZ enables easy communication across agents and team leads through the system itself. Internal communication and collaboration is essential aspect in delivering a fantastic customer experience

Problem: Insufficient data insights 
Solution: Sometimes decision-makers are unable to derive meaningful insights through the organization’s resources. By connecting company customer data with VOIZ’s easy-to-use interface; companies can navigate through enormous amounts of data and can put this data to good use when attempting to streamline processes of talent or strategise other customer-related operations.

Problem: Performance measurement can be onerous. 
Solution: The agents associated with VOIZ is familiar with the performance metrics VOIZ has in place on the Agent dashboard. Similarly, companies can check on their agents and tasks respectively and draw conclusions regarding agent and project performance based on the data showcased on the Company dashboard. With each job posting a company lists on the VOIZ platform, each role will have a performance metric in place. In addition to the performance trackers, VOIZ also has performance developers in the form of training and courses which allows the agent to self analyze and improve. 

Problem: Lagging Technological Infrastructure
Solution: VOIZ is a new kind of technological platform that specializes in the digitalization of the marketplace. Companies are often unable to renovate their contact centre architecture fast enough to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the business. With VOIZ, companies will be able to ensure that new technologies, tools and systems are incorporated into the enterprise so that with the aid of the right kind of talent, a solid customer experience can be achieved.

Benefits here also include:

  1. Employee verification
  2. Cost savings
  3. Increased bottom lines
  4. Saving on resources
  5. Access to specialized skills and quality services

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