How VOIZ helps customer support and telesales agents to thrive and survive this festive holiday season

The Holidays are in full swing as they should be and it’s that time of year when we want to show our appreciation towards our employees and agents for being such a strong part of our growth and success. With our remote teams being scattered across the country, it is not only the festive culture that is undergoing a transformation but the infamous Christmas office party is undergoing a much-needed facelift too. 

At VOIZ, business leaders are sending the Holiday Cheer to the furthest reach of the company from virtual dinner parties to online gaming tournaments. Remote work is how we work. For the past two years, employees and/or agents have enjoyed the opportunity to complete their work from the comforts of their own homes. We’re not going to let celebratory happy hours and Christmas shindigs turn into a party of one! At VOIZ, we take celebrations seriously which is why we make the best efforts of making remote work a team affair during such occasions. A study conducted by Semantics Scholar found that participants were able to feel closer to remote workers as they did to co-located workers provided they enjoyed frequent activities and communication that created and cultivated a shared sense of recognition and identity. 

That is what we aim to achieve at VOIZ.  Here are some fun ways we will be celebrating the holidays, virtually! 

  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt 
    This one is done over Whatsapp. Everyone receives a list of items that they need to find within a set time limit during which they need to send photographs of their finds. 
  • Virtual Escape Room and Classic Party Games 


Riddles, quizzes, puzzles etc will be sent as messages and/or emails that will need to be completed within a set amount of time with the ultimate goal of ‘escaping the room’. 

  • Zoom Caroling 


This is a team-based virtual activity but whichever team chooses to do this but be aware of not bursting their eardrums. The team gets their members together and karaoke to their favourite Christmas jingles

  • Online Secret Santa


Plenty of online platforms make it easy to do Secret Santa no matter wherever our agents or our employees are. This way, surprise gifts are being sent and delivered to team members keeping the element of Christmas gifting alive! 

  • Holiday Cards 


Another great way of keeping the team together is by sending holiday cards. This is our first year doing this but it is genuinely a great way to spread some socially distanced cheer by including the company in all our agents’ festivities. 

  • Virtual Team Lunch or Dinner 


We vote for a time that is convenient for everyone and make a meal happen together, virtually. We do miss out on the everyday-sitting-together-and-eating-lunch session, so why not do one of them during the holidays, making it more special and cherished? 

  • We also use music 


Music has always brought people together. We encourage agents and employees to create playlists and add their favourite songs that everyone can listen to and bond over!


Last but not least, we encourage our employees and/or agents to show their appreciation for one another and encourage each other to be and perform the best they can in the New Year. We admit that it can be tough to host remote celebrations but we are making sure to give our agents the best experience possible to celebrate them first during this festive season that will encourage them and keep them in the jolly spirit and enter into the New Year with a big smile on their faces and a spirit of motivation and endless inspiration! Sign up with us to experience a working culture that is both personally and professionally enriching. 

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