Part II: Here are 7 more reasons why you need to sign up with VOIZ, this New Year!

At VOIZ, we believe that work is best done when the ones doing it are in the best position to perform it. Here, you don’t have to splurge on office clothes to feel like a part of the team nor do you need to make hours worth of travelling just to get to your place of work. You can be a new parent, a person with health conditions, someone with a travel lifestyle or even someone who has more than one job and still manage to make the most out of working from home for a couple of hours. 

As committed devotees of ‘working from home’, we have long sung the wonders of working remotely and we at VOIZ make it easy for you too! We have job listings that are updated almost every single day, with timings and workdays that you can select as per your convenience and schedule, while also having the freedom to choose if you would like to work as a customer support specialist or as a telesales expert or as just about anything that we have an open role for.

If you have read PART I of this blog and are still mulling over the benefits of signing up with VOIZ to get started in the world of remote working then here are some more reasons that are sure to convince you! 

Reason #1 Work-life balance 


At VOIZ, we prioritize the importance of work-life balance as it is indeed the secret to happier employees and agents. The main reason why VOIZ is built with flexible schedules is that employees and/or agents can then start and end their days as they choose, as long as their work is complete. Agents are given control over their work schedule which gives them the authority to attend to the needs of their personal life. 

Whether it’s dropping off kids at school, attending a pilates lesson, or running errands in the morning, agents can always find the time to work despite accomplishing most of the things they need or want to do on a day-to-day basis. We like to believe that we are a platform that makes it easy for individuals to juggle their personal and professional commitments easier which directly transforms them into happier employees. 

Reason #2 Reduced levels of stress


Studies have shown that mental health can largely improve while working from home as there is reduced stress from working in your zone of comfort. It’s true! The flexibility that comes with working with VOIZ means that you can do everything that you want to while also staying employed. You don’t have to worry about attending that PTA meeting or attending class wondering if you will be able to make it back to the office on time! 

Reason #3 Saves you money on commuting costs, clothes, meals, etc


Let’s just admit it, going to work can be expensive. You’ve got travel costs, clothes for work, meal costs, among a host of other expenses. Remote working can massively save up on these expenses which can add up to a substantial amount over a period of time. VOIZ has helped all our agents not only earn well but also save just as well. 

Reason #4 Improved and increased productivity

A report conducted by FlexJobs states that working from home can reduce stress which can not only boost the overall quality of your life but also improve productivity which is a win-win for you and your employer. A Hubstaff report also recently revealed that 65% of workers believed that they are super productive while working from home. Agents at VOIZ have mentioned that the working slots work well in their favour as they get to choose the timings they are most productive at! 

Reason #5 Gain distance from office politics and other such conflicts 


Work conflicts are one of the biggest stressors for office going employees. Remote work eliminates the effects of office politics making workers immune to it. Similarly at VOIZ, while we encourage team-based friendships for that weekend team call, our work system is built in a way that allows individuals to concentrate on their work without letting their progress be detained by their colleagues’ or peers. This also gives remote agents the advantage over office-going workers that find it challenging to focus due to power plays and office gossip. 

Reason #6 Improved inclusivity 


Remote work enables companies to embrace inclusion and diversity by encouraging them to hire people from different geographic, social and economic backgrounds and with varying perspectives which can be quite the feat to accomplish when hiring or recruiting is restricted to a particular area or locality that not everyone can afford, or wants or live near. At VOIZ, we want everyone to have access to equal work opportunities which are comfortable and suit them best!

 We believe that when talent is identified across various geographical regions, that’s when the magic truly happens. Our vision has always been to help people who may have a hard time finding steady employment, like those with disabilities or with people who have a fixed medical schedule. We want everyone to have equal opportunities to follow their career goals and dreams without having to worry about their social standing, or commuting back and forth, etc. 

Reason #7 Increased health, wellness, and fitness 


The health benefit of working with VOIZ is that you will always have time to ease your physical activity into the day. In addition to that, you will also have the time to cook your meals, and stay less exposed to common colds and illnesses that you would be otherwise exposed to, had it been a traditional working setup. This will help you create a more comfortable environment and ergonomic workspace that can make working at VOIZ an overall healthier experience.  

This New Year, we want all our agents to be ‘happier’. This is why we present to you all the reasons why you should sign up with VOIZ and apply for roles in the areas of telesales or customer support– whichever interests you and suits you best! We cannot wait to be a part of your professional journey…

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