Here’s what our customer support agent Shelly has to say about balancing work and fun right this New Year

The New Year of 2022 has graced us already and our work processes have been swinging regardless of the ongoing festive season. With the Holiday season comes the unending thoughts of pumpkin pies, and counting down hours till they meet friends and family that they haven’t met in a long time! So we asked our customer support agent, Shelly how she managed to balance the New Years’ fun with work. 

VOIZ: Shelly, the New Year was on a Saturday and you were working that day so how did you accomplish doing both? 
Shelly: Around the house, the distractions were real! My nieces and nephews wanted to make the most of the First of January because the holidays came to a close the very next day. More than planning for the day, I wanted to clean up the mess left behind from Christmas. I work the early morning shift which is from 4 am to 8 am which works very well for me. So that way, I was done with work by the time the household was awake. 

VOIZ: Did you feel the stress of working on New Years’?
Shelly: In a way, I did. I mean festive times are always a tad bit stressful. We have been having a series of late nights since Christmas eve and waking up early in the morning for work was a bit taxing but during the later part of the day I feel grateful for my early working timings as I can always get a little bit of rest later during the day while also not interrupting family time to work while everyone is up and around me. 

VOIZ: What was keeping you motivated at work during New Years’?
Shelly: Just to be clear, I love what I do especially since what I do lasts only for four hours, it encourages me to push myself to do a better job at it. Of course, in this case, my motivation was to finish my work quickly as I got to chill with my family after and knowing that the next day was Sunday spiked my performance levels even more! 

VOIZ: Did your productivity levels change or reduce considerably during the Holiday season? 
Shelly: Sure. I mean it is only natural to, but what I believe in is showing up for work regardless and trying to do a good job despite feeling like waiting to hit the sack. I think productivity levels do change during the holiday season especially since the environment around is more suited to having fun than concentrating on work. That was something I struggled with but I worked past it. 

VOIZ: Did your current work schedule with VOIZ disrupt your holiday mood and festivities?
Shelly: Not really! If anything it helped me focus on work while I was working and helped me completely detach from work while I was not working. 

VOIZ: Has VOIZ helped in any way to help balance your professional and personal life? 
Shelly: Of course! Yes! VOIZ has massively helped me in learning to balance work and family life. I don’t get after-work work from VOIZ nor do I get any after-work phone calls. VOIZ draws its work boundaries so well that we take our cues from that and learn from it. Inspired by being the only chilled out working person in the house, my seventeen-year-old niece wants to join VOIZ part-time when she joins college! 

VOIZ: What would be your advice to employees and workers struggling to balance work and having fun especially during the festive season?
Shelly: I would say first join a company like VOIZ then you will learn how to plan your time and use it well. But personally, I would say focus on work wholly while you are working and learn to create boundaries between personal time and work time. 

Shelly has been our customer support specialist for over a year now! We take great pride in having her on our agent team with VOIZ. On the side, Shelly makes and sells homemade candles and naturally concocted soaps. Take it from us, this agent knows how to work and party harder! If you are inspired by Shelly, then sign up with us now and land your job in a matter of days!

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