Best ways to generate revenue from your customer support Process

Many companies offer products at a similar value, the nature of various industries have thereby become competitive in nature. It is believed that acquiring new customers is difficult and generating repeat purchases from existing customers is also not an easy feat to accomplish. Customer service goes a long way when it comes to expanding and sustaining the company. As long as the company or the customer support agent knows that ‘customer is king’, it doesn’t matter how long you have been in the business because as a general rule of thumb good customer service is great but smart customer service can dramatically double your revenue. To build customer loyalty, it’s important to make sure that customers are not only satisfied but are willing to pay for the products or services again without any hesitation. Listed below are four detailed strategies to maximize repeat business by incorporating smart business practices and logical tactics:

  1. Customer support incorporating upselling/cross-selling
  2. Pitch new products as solutions rather than standard options
  3. Faster customer service at premium packages
  4. Feedback collection
  1. Empower Customer support executives to fix issues at the first call resolution.
    First call resolution is a significant aspect of customer relationship management and an important contact center metric. The term is pretty self-explanatory by itself. A customer support agent can fix or resolve customer issues, grievances, questions, or requirements within the first time they call, with no additional follow-up required. At VOIZ, we believe that the key element to improving first call resolution is consistent vigilance. By evaluating and examining the current first call resolution program, and by developing action plans and achievable goals, and ultimately put the final plan into place. After your plan is in place, it is important to stay attentive, track agent performance and measure your metrics. Companies need to empower agents 
  1. During call resolution, incorporate sales pitches as a part of the solution.
    Providing quality customer service is one way to stand out as a brand or an established business in today’s extremely competitive marketplace. It has been proven time and again that customers are willing to pay more and purchase multiple times over if they are happy with the customer experience provided by the support agent. Yet, incorporating call centre support and sales services isn’t an easy feat to accomplish. At VOIZ, we have deciphered that the key to customer retention, acquisition, and advocacy lies in delivering an exceptional customer experience (customer support) that can also easily be translated into sales. Start with changing buyer expectations through their customer journey by offering a slightly different range of products and services or preferably products and services that offer an upgrade. This offering can set your services apart as an employee and as a regular customer support agent. By going beyond answering customer questions and problem resolution, you are helping in driving sales and increasing revenue. 
  1. Retain customers who are about to leave by offering better purchase incentives
    First and foremost agents must have an in-depth understanding of the products and services of the business or enterprise the agents are representing. Agents will have to be up-to-date with everything so that you know what to sell and to whom. At VOIZ, our database helps agents access information regarding the customers and their purchase history along with other details that can instantly aid the agent in answering questions regarding other issues and details put forwards by customers. At VOIZ, we empower agents to lead customer conversations confidently and activate customer retention programs by including promotional messages of new launches or reward systems so that the customer’s takeaway from the call is not only the issue resolution for which they called for but also the added knowledge of customer loyalty programs or reward programs that will make them repeat buyers. Agents should be encouraged to make spot decisions and to cross-sell products and services to achieve the most desirable outcome. 
  1. Gather information on customer interest in the resolution as a part of the feedback process. 
    Customer service interactions enable the agent to find out exactly what a customer wants and further allows them to contemplate doubling their service offer. Most often customers aren’t aware of the loyalty packages and purchase bonuses so by exposing them to other solutions as alternatives, you as an agent are educating customers of other options that might elevate their consumer experience and also help in increasing sales. After implementing a sales incorporated customer support solution, it is imperative to find out if the customer is satisfied with the outcome of the call. By gathering enough data as feedback on the customer’s interest while upselling and cross-selling, sets the agent on the right track, and delving into the understanding of the customer allows the agent to alter his/her pitch in the right way to suit the varying needs and requirements of the customer.

At VOIZ, companies can experiment with CRM processes that can be tailor-made to suit the company’s array of services. With the support of A/B testing, we can curate the ideal CRM and plug it into the company’s system. With CRM software inundating the marketplace, it’s crucial to find the right product that satisfies the needs of the business further making it user-friendly for the agents too! 

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