Workshop Announcement

We are excited to announce a series of workshops designed specifically to help you develop your skills and enhance your performance as a freelancer. The workshops will be held every Saturday at 11:00 a.m.

Our first workshop, Soft Skills, will help you to master the art of communication. You will learn practical strategies to develop the following abilities: 

  • Leveraging the power of your voice
  • Exploring the art of active listening
  • Handling complex situations and delivering results
  • Resolving conflicts amicably
  • Demonstrating empathy effectively

The best of the best will speak to you during this workshop. In our workshop, you won’t just passively listen to experts. You’ll also actively apply the knowledge and receive valuable feedback firsthand. You will also get ready-to-use response templates that you can use during calls. 

The first workshop will be conducted by Shilpa Kadam and Mansi Malhan on Saturday 22nd April at 11:00 a.m. Register now to develop your soft skills and improve your performance. 

Stay tuned for many more exciting and interesting workshops with other experts too.

We look forward to helping you hone the skills you need to succeed with VOIZ!

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