3 ways support agents can be trained to sell

Your support agents can sell too. Know when?

Customer service, if properly invested in can help activate a plethora of new customer acquisitions. In order for this to happen agents must be well-versed in the secrets of the trade. Here are three ways that we swear by at VOIZ, with which support agents can be trained to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

  1. Upsell at the end of resolution.
    According to our research team at VOIZ, a rise in customer retention is a bigger success than having to acquire new customers. Although both may be credited as a boost to the business, retaining existing customers is a big achievement and more economical as well. With the customer pattern stored in the CRM, agents can be trained to cross-sell and upsell which are proven to boost average order value and are effective in tandem. This spike leads to customers drawing in other customers which again can be focused on ensuring their brand loyalty for this circle to ensue. 
  1. Exercise persuasion to retain customers.
    At VOIZ, we truly believe that happy customer service employees or agents will naturally create happy customers. Agents must create a cordial relationship with their customers and establish an equation of trust that indirectly links the company with the customer. These individual skills of conversation, mutual understanding, and persuasion that the agent brings about, acts as a bridge between the customer and the company and also result in customers referring the company and its impeccable products and services to their contacts. Agents with their well-established reputation amongst clients can initiate new recommendations and further attempt to acquire them. This further results in a surge in sales and a boost in the company’s overall business simply because of attentive agents and well-attended customers. 
  1. Focus on collecting customer feedback.
    60% of customers increase their purchasing with a particular brand after a good experience with that company. And customers would pay a lot more to get a better customer service experience. At the end of every call, make sure to ask for feedback and also don’t end the call once the resolution is done. Before closing the call, make sure to share promotional messages of new launches or include messages related to the latest loyalty program. These value-added incentives which go beyond what the customer called for, act as reasons for the customer to continue purchasing or subscribing to the services and products of the company.   

    Investing in customer service also increases employee engagement which promises positive customer experiences.  At VOIZ, we are familiar with customers willing to pay a premium for top-notch customer service. ‘Customer is king’ and to service them adds to the royalty of that very saying. 

    In an era where companies are learning to hierarchize customers; any company that fails to do so will not be able to withstand the competition and will eventually fade into oblivion. It is undeniable that a positive customer service team can truly make the best possible version of the company. Agents at VOIZ have the remarkable ability to communicate and interact with customers that can effectively revolutionize your brand image and grow your customer base.

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