5 incredible skills you’ve honed as a mother, making you the ideal customer support agent

Are you considering rejoining the workforce after a long parental break? Then continue reading as we tell you why you are an asset to the service industry. Sure, the thought of getting back to work after a break from focusing on your children and family can be daunting and tough but you can’t deny that it is definitely exciting also.

“You may not feel like your old self when you get back to work after taking parental leave. It took me a while to regain my confidence and for my neurons to fire back up” , said our agent,

– Malini. 


Parenting directly or indirectly translates into worthwhile job skills. Remember that when you’re weighing the pros and cons of getting back into the professional working scene. If you are considering getting back into the workforce, you should not devalue the abilities and skills you have developed and/or gained while being outside of work.


As a parent, you become constantly trained to think of solutions, automatically making you a natural leader along with being a practical thinker. Kala, an agent at VOIZ had this to say, “I joined VOIZ after being on a maternal leave that lasted for three years, but as soon as I joined as a telesales agent, it forced me to be more efficient with my time and effort which then automatically leads to strategic thinking which enables to be complete my work faster.” Another agent, Vidya had something similar to share as she said,

“As a customer support agent, motherhood has helped me foster more empathy, especially when faced with instances and customers that would otherwise have not aroused that feeling of sensitivity.”

– Vidya

Source: Careers.govt

At VOIZ, we value the skills that you have gained through your life experiences such as parenting which can be very easily transferable on the work front. Here are some of the top skills which are largely in demand that you have honed naturally as a parent or a mother, making you an indispensable aspect of the company you are looking to rejoin working with. 

  1. Self-management 


This skill is one that takes individuals years to master but as mothers, this is something that comes naturally to you. This skill emphasises your ability to complete tasks on time and complete them in a quality manner. Disorganization takes a step back while your ability to manage yourself with finesse and competent confidence and your work with dedication and utmost sincerity take the front seat. 

  1. Time management


Your experience with juggling and completing household tasks within a certain deadline can prove to be really useful in the work industry, especially in the customer support division. Having come from that background of experience, you are naturally bound to be better multitaskers while also getting things done in the least amount of time.

  1. Listening 


Seema our agent says,

“With kids, listening goes deep. The minute my 4-year old has something to say I actively listen and that has flowed in naturally in my daily job as a customer support agent.”

– Seema

Listening in the service industry is an unspoken gift, especially when possessed by customer support agents. By being better listeners, you are able to process information faster which further allows you to enhance engagement levels with your customers while also being able to deliver what they require or want. 

  1. People Management 


Having managed little ones, you probably are an expert at negotiation and pacification. Two important skills to keep you afloat and thriving in the customer support industry. With this experience, you are at the advantage of being able to handle individuals of varying temperaments and being able to deal with them impersonally and calmly. 

  1. Problem-solving


The customer support industry is ever in the need of problem solvers. As a parent, you will come across problems that need solving almost immediately and on a daily basis. Helping kids solve problems can largely help you at work as you have experience dealing with complex problems that require quick solutions. 

  1. Visualization 


While this one is rarely talked about, it is something that parents inherently possess and you naturally become focused on the big picture of what and how it needs to be done. Parents tend to bring strong focus into project management and this skill helps when agents face challenges in a project but are attuned to thinking ahead. 

  1. Willingness to learn 


“As a parent, you are learning every single day. More than that it’s the submission and acceptance of that learning that makes you a fine customer support agent.

– Gayathri, 34

With the willingness to learn comes the ability to be in the moment, both of which increase creativity, productivity and connection surrounding your role as a customer support agent. 


If you have been away from the workforce and have been considering getting back into the scene, then we urge you to get your career after your parental leave with VOIZ. Experience the joy of finding work and personal life balance at an ease by being an agent at VOIZ! Sign up with us and get started as a customer support agent! You have the skills, all you need to do is build on your experience! 

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