4 crystal clear signs that indicate your business needs to outsource talent

We are going to kickstart this article by saying that the worst mistake that most organizations and SMBs make is wearing too many hats and doing too many things internally. Every time there is a need for growth in your business, the workload that comes with it is more or less overwhelming. In today’s tech-driven world, businesses can find support and help virtually anywhere! Tasks are becoming more efficient and easy to access and accomplish along with freelancers becoming a prominent part of the workforce. 

Source: Deloitte 

As more and more businesses realize the benefits of outsourcing, they can slowly and confidently start cutting down on the number of activities that are performed in-house. With 30 per cent of businesses predicting that they will be outsourcing their staffing needs more in the coming years; outsourcing is a golden opportunity that is not going to be going anywhere soon! Regardless of the industry, outsourcing reduces costs in ways so significant that it allows your business to thrive and grow. 

Before we get to the signs, let’s just tackle the general understanding of outsourcing your staffing needs and understand why you need it to begin with:

Outsourcing is an effective strategy to increase the profitability of your business, even if it means outsourcing one or more business functions. It also is an efficient way to reduce your internal cost structure. Almost always the road to outsourcing starts with an organization or agency that is overworked and frustrated and is on the cusp of burnout.

Source: Deloitte 

 At VOIZ, we’d like to call this a good problem to have as it helps you build a scalable, growing, and successful business model. Recruitment outsourcing is the need of the hour when businesses realise the skill gaps that are present and make a pragmatic approach towards bridging the gap through outsourced solutions. In the recruiting world, outsourcing can come in all shapes and sizes. These gaps can erupt from processes such as sales, customer support, telecalling, technical assistance, etc. 

Let’s take a look at some evident indicators that its time to start outsourcing your hiring processes: 

Sign #1 You are looking to keep costs down
One of the biggest differences between in-house and outsourced models is the huge gap in their costs. In-house employees are more expensive to hire than to outsource your staffing requirements. By opting for a third-party agency or an outright outsourcing partner, you will be paying only for services that you are outsourcing. 

For example, if you are a growing business that requires some auxiliary help to scale growth and deliver services but does not have the bandwidth to hire any full-time employees, then outsourcing is the solution for you. This way you are ensuring that a standard is maintained while also ensuring that your brand or work does not suffer on account of hiring the right/wrong talent. 

Sign #2 Inability to keep up with the demand
When your market expands, your sales tend to, too and while that is a good thing it also means that more work needs to be done. Hence it is vital to ensure that your organization is adequately staffed to cope with the higher level of demand. This is a great indication that you should outsource its staffing needs and view it as an investment rather than an expense. 

Sign #3 You are struggling to find the right talent
Let’s say you are looking for a team of customer support agents and your hiring team has spent weeks on end scouring to get you eligible candidates that will not only be promising enough to perform the job but also last through the project. As mentioned earlier, hiring people 

Sign #4 Your teams are overworked
This is usually when a team is maxed out on capacities and when processes and projects are coming to a halt. If your teams are spending their working hours putting out fires or trying to find the right hires to deliver on routine tasks, then that’s where your business is exhausting most of its energy! It’s not rare to see various teams donning more than one cap to keep the ball rolling but overworking your internal employees is the easiest way to burn them out! This is bound to affect the quality of their work and/or their overall performance. 

You could have a thousand grand ideas for your business but if you don’t have the right teams working on them, these plans aren’t going to attain fruition. Therefore, you will know when it is time to outsource to keep moving everything and everyone forward. Outsourcing is the best way to give your employees the bandwidth to perform their best and help you in getting on with your scaling plans. 

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If any of the scenarios resonate with you then now would be a great time to look into outsourcing work at your organization. It is never too late to establish connections and partnerships with talent outsourcing companies to help you augment your services down the road. 

Outsourcing with VOIZ offers multiple benefits to companies of all sizes. Take a long and hard look at the number of billable hours you lose over tasks that you could easily pay someone else to help you do. Companies that partner with VOIZ outsource as per their need and their financial capabilities while their ultimate goal is usually to increase the flexibility of their business model and reduce operational costs. Sign up today to get started with us and see how we can help you! 

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