Why partnering with VOIZ is the next best decision you’re going to make!

Having the right talent or personnel is fundamental to achieving maximum productivity and efficiency for companies of any size; be it a sole proprietor or a large business. No one can deny that recruitment is an ever-growing market. It is also one of the most time-consuming and laborious duties for any organisation. While a vast majority of firms continue to manage their own hiring processes, could employers do a better job of recruiting if they left the task to specialists especially if your hiring efforts are centred toward filling entry-level positions? 

Employers and hiring managers are always on the lookout for quality resources to meet their expectations and their requirements. Bad hires can be expensive especially with the company’s core objective being something else entirely, it is a lost investment for the organization after rounds of hiring processes and training. This is where VOIZ’s genius for hiring, training and talent management comes in! With VOIZ’s speed of recruiting and cost-effective services, we have established an end-to-end work fulfilment marketplace with a primary focus on making both ends meet. 

What can VOIZ do for you
Did you know that according to research conducted by Zappia, when done internally the cost per hire on average takes about 36-42 days to fill an average position while also costing about $4,425 dollars, per hire? With such alarming statistics on the roster, it is valid to consider outsourcing some or all of your hiring activities. This can involve getting into a contractual alliance with an end-to-end work fulfilment platform that can help transform your business processes by optimizing hiring and recruitment processes. 

  • Analyse data and requirements to your advantage 
    VOIZ can help you analyze data in order to understand your recruitment needs better. This will help in having a more regulated and well-governed hiring process that will dramatically increase overall productivity and will streamline your recruitment processes by calculating the number of candidates in the talent pool, their time of training and adaptability. 
  • Recruit to meet your specific needs and preferences
    Having over 100+ customer signups, 50+ completed projects, and 85+ business projects, VOIZ has the expertise in all things recruiting! We use customized recruiting strategies to attract and retain talent and ensure it is done within a stipulated time frame. 
  • Scale easily at your pace 
    VOIZ can help you scale at a steady pace and find quality talent even if you decide to increase the demand for contract staff up to 1000 candidates a month or more! 
  • Quality Recruiters 
    We understand that quality hires are only possible if there are enough of quality recruiters! And VOIZ’s recruiters are assembled from upmarket talent who are trained, accountable, and responsible for all your business needs. 
  • Flexible engagements as per your business needs 
    When you partner with VOIZ, you can rest assured that your business will be the primary priority for us and by that, we mean that you can use our resources as per your load and requirements. We operate on an on-demand basis, one-time basis, and/or periodic basis with no binding contracts whatsoever. 
  • Test the quality of the talent or candidates 
    One of the major challenges that in-house recruiters face while hiring for entry-level jobs is the quality of the talent or candidates. VOIZ can help in filling this gap by testing and training candidates beyond just experience and education to confidently provide you with talent that is capable of contributing to the company’s needs and achieving its goals. 

How can partnering with VOIZ can ensure your growth and success? 
VOIZ has successfully partnered with many organisations of varying sizes and requirements and has always managed to expedite access to quality talent. VOIZ has always aimed to largely improve the infrastructure of staffing by enhancing overall output in terms of services rendered while optimising customer satisfaction. 

We can help your business in ways that go beyond hiring and be instrumental in your growth! We’re only scratching the surface of what we can do for you with our many services. If you require qualified remote professionals for your business, then sign up with us or get in touch with us! 

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