5 undeniable benefits of being a remote customer support agent at VOIZ

At this point, remote work is built into the cultures of various companies. Like most areas of business, the CX disciple has had its share of creating new ways of fostering teamwork and collaboration in remote work environments. Companies that are partnered with VOIZ are those that prioritize CX and are now making sure that their agents have a sense of belonging and connection to the brand, business or company. Prioritising employee satisfaction is an important aspect of VOIZ. Now that CX has approached a level of stability, opportunities for working in customer support are currently booming. This gives us an idea of the scale of demand which is consistently increasing due to the constant growth in this sector. And we are talking about an enormous sector with all kinds of opportunities for every worker. 

According to Gartner, 88% of organisations worldwide have made it mandatory or encouraged their employees to work from home after the declaration of the pandemic. Upwork has gone on to predict that by 2023, 73% of all departments will be expected to have remote workers. 

Customer support representatives fulfil the role and duty of helping a brand or organisation’s customers resolve problems and issues that can reduce or diminish their satisfaction with its services and products. Moreover, at VOIZ, customer support agents have the liberty and the comfort of working from home enabling better CX delivery throughout their remote workforce lifecycle. The surge of remote work is more than just a fad. Employees of today want more freedom and flexibility to make the most out of their jobs. Buffer reported that 99% of people would choose to work remotely for the rest of their lives even if it was just part-time. 

Luckily for those interested in becoming customer support representatives, you can find remote jobs and work from wherever you are most comfortable. As a customer support agent, you may be involved in various processes or even work as a chat support representative, help desk service agent, product and technical support etc. Working in customer support not only means that you get to be the face and voice of the company but also enables you to genuinely help customers and make their lives easier and better. With time, this enhances your job satisfaction levels while also attaining the realization that there is nothing more rewarding than that. Don’t think that the increased rates of employment and growing multiplicity of various opportunities are the only impressive aspects of working as a remote customer support agent at VOIZ. Listed below are five undeniable advantages of working remotely as a customer support representative with VOIZ. 

  1. Flexibility in choosing your workdays and working hours
    CoSo Cloud revealed that 77% of remote workers are more productive when they are working from home. That said, if you are someone who has had enough of the mandatory 9-5 or 10-7 then this one is for you. CX jobs tend to offer different timings as opposed to the regular 9 or 10-hour shift. A huge benefit that CX agents get here is that you get to choose your timings and shift hours. You could either work the 12.00 pm to 4.00 pm slot if you wish to work only for four hours For instance, Muthu is our customer support agent and tutors physics and math during the time he is not working. So as per his schedule and convenience, he works his first shift which is from 8 am to 12.00 pm and resumes again from 4.00 pm to 8 pm and he works the eight-hour shift. You can also choose the days of the week you are available to work for. VOIZ allows you to find CX jobs with top brands and businesses based on your preferences. 
  1. Be a part of multiple projects 
    Amerisleep reported that telecommuters experienced less work-related stress! You can work with multiple projects at VOIZ if you choose to. Unlike conventional jobs, you will not be limited to one project or process. VOIZ is the best place to learn and experiment with all types of projects, processes and job roles. This means that you can be a telesales agent for one company and a customer support agent for another company! There’s no stopping you from everything you can achieve from this CX job opportunity.
  1. Earn money without any work-related expenses 
    While increased productivity, flexibility, and happiness are all important elements of a remote CX job, those are not the only benefits that are there. In the business world, money talks, so here are some income-related statistics we would like to introduce you to: 
  • CoSo Cloud reported that 30% of remote workers are saving as much as $5,240 per year. 
  • FlexJobs stated that the average annual income of telecommuters is $4000 higher than non-telecommuters. 
  • TECLA reported that remote workers save around $7000 per year in childcare expenses, food and transportation. 

Therefore, CX agents can earn money by working from wherever they are without having to spend on back-and-forth travel, outside lunches etc. The financial potential of getting a CX job and becoming a customer support agent is noteworthy and of the highest relevance. 

  1. Nurture other interests and develop side projects 
    VOIZ does not have any clause that prevents you from pursuing other interests and other ventures. We in fact encourage our agents to do things that they are passionate about outside of their working hours. Since we don’t do overtime, agents get off exactly at the prescribed hours after which they are free to do as they please. They don’t have to worry about after-shift work calls or after-work work. We make sure our agents get their break during their work time and give them the time and space to work on side projects and other initiatives that can bring incredible value to our organization and to the agents themselves. We have a district-level swimming champion who works with us and practises after hours. Another agent, Rukhmani, works with us during the day after which she teaches music online. 
  1. Attainment of the ideal work-life balance
    Working a remote CX job means that you don’t have to spend hours of your day rushing to catch the local bus or getting stuck in traffic or in an overcrowded train. Owl Labs reported that improved work-life balance is the main reason why people choose to work remotely. In addition to the extra me-time, you will also have the time to spend with your family and your loved ones, hobbies or classes that you can learn or pursue, or even just to relax and laze around. 

How does it work at VOIZ aka ‘The Process
Let’s start with the good bits! As an agent, you will be making 15K-25K a month by working 4-8 hours a day, depending on the job process and the nature of your project. 

Step 1: Sign up with VOIZ and get started on your profile 
Sign up with VOIZ as a ‘Professional’ and build your profile by creating an eye-grabbing bio and also mentioning your previous work experience, interests, educational qualifications, language proficiency, CX skills if any, preferred workdays and preferred choice of timing along with your choice of the type of CX job you want to work in i.e. one-time, part-time, or full time. 

Step 2: Get started with looking for job opportunitie
Now that your profile is set up, VOIZ will recommend jobs based on your experience, preferences and history. You can choose to apply for the jobs that work for you the best from VOIZ’s list of suggested job options. You can also manually search for suitable jobs and apply to projects that interest you. 

Step 3: Get ready for interviews and the selection proces
Once you have completed your share of applying to various job postings, hiring managers and recruiters of those companies will review them and see if you are suitable for the job. When your application is selected, you will receive a notification stating the same. Post that you will be communicating with the company regarding setting up interviews while also discussing expectations and the job process. Our support team will always be available to take any questions you have regarding the interview process. And what’s even better is that you will not have to travel to a distant location to give your interview. It will all be done online, at VOIZ. 

Step 4: Get started on your gig as a professional CX agent
After you choose or get selected for a CX job or project that works for you, you will get started with your training sessions if your job process demands it. If not, you can jump into the process. Enjoy not having to beat the traffic and commute to your workplace within a set time frame. Here, you will be able to provide your services while staying within the comfort of your home while also being able to communicate and collaborate with your client and your team. 

Why choose VOIZ? 
VOIZ is an all-in-one remote CX marketplace that connects brands and businesses who are looking to source their CX with customer service professionals like you. It does not matter if you’re a fresher, a job jumper or even someone who has taken a long career break. And it doesn’t matter if you are new to the CX industry or not, VOIZ accepts all that you have to offer regardless of your experience in the area. In fact, over 80% of agents are new to telesales and customer support. We have beginner courses that can help you get started. As for customer support, sales and marketing professionals, VOIZ’s refresher courses can help you land CX jobs in no time and that too only if you are new to the remote CX scenario. 

VOIZ has partnered with many reputed brands and emerging and growing startups and organizations for whom you will be the first point of contact with their clientele. Unlike other digital employment agencies and hiring websites, VOIZ does not just assist you in your job search but also helps you wield your skills and deliver your work in the best possible way. And as for payments, which are usually a liability for freelancers and independent gig workers but such is not the case when it comes to VOIZ. We make sure that the agreed-upon payments reach your account for the work that you deliver. You will not have to worry about clients not paying up on time or having to chase them due to lapses in payments. We will take care of that for you. 

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