We spoke to our customer support agent Nimisha and here’s what she had to say about the holidays

The holiday season is here! At VOIZ, the excitement is palpable. Our agents are gearing up big time for the Holiday season which includes planning, shopping, partying, travelling etc. Throwing work into the mix, it might be difficult to understand how our agents balance tasks in the house and at the workplace. 

We asked our telesales agent, Nimisha how she does it and here’s what she told us!

V: Hi Nimisha, how’s it going especially during Christmas!
N: It’s going great! Last month, I thought I’ll be really behind work during Christmas but surprisingly that’s not the case. I can proudly say I’m at the top of my work and personal life during this extremely chaotic and stressful time. 

V: That’s great, Nimisha. A lot of us are going through the same things right now with the festivities at home and the end-of-the-year goals and targets at work, how did you manage and balance it all? 
N: I mean at work, VOIZ has made it pretty easy for me. VOIZ has trained us through the year to handle stressful situations that come along the way. Why I’m calling this a stressful situation is because I have two kids and they demand a lot of my attention and it’s ten times more during the holiday season. They’re on Christmas break and they want to make cookies when I’m working etc. But again, with my new project, I finish off early in the early slots so I don’t have to worry about spending time with the kids. 

V: How are you keeping yourself motivated at work? 
N: I wish I had an answer for that. But honestly, with  VOIZ, the motivation comes pretty naturally. Currently, my work motivation comes from wanting to spend extra time with my kids before school reopens. Both are under the age of 8 and I want them to have a memorable experience of Christmas and New Years’. 

V: How would you describe your work schedule at the moment?
N: Work right now, is keeping me going. I’m glad I have four hours of work every day otherwise I would go insane. VOIZ has made it very easy for me to work, with its flexible schedule, I am able to plan my day around my work schedule. Coming back to your question, at the moment, my work schedule involved my 100% focus on generating as many sales as I can before the year ends. And I enjoy my work because I know I do not have any after-work work or have any unrealistic expectations that are demanded of me. VOIZ is very chill that way!

V: What are your Christmas and New Year plans? 
N: For Christmas, we’re going to my grandparent’s place which is in Manali. The entire family flocks up there because that’s what we have been doing for generations now. We do our meals together, set up the tree, and gear up for Christmas barbecue night. We’ll be staying on there till New Years’. 

V: That sounds like a lot of fun! How do you plan on working when you’re surrounded by so many family and friends?
N: Again, as I said, this is not the first time I’m celebrating something festive while also working with VOIZ. VOIZ gives me the energy to face the rest of my day and having the rest of my day to myself gives me the motivation to do my job better in the mornings. 

V: What would be your advice to employees and workers struggling to strike a balance between their work and personal life especially in the middle of the festive season?
N: Plan your days off, prioritize right, and focus on your job with a hundred per cent while you are doing it as these will help you achieve your daily goals faster and with better results. 

Here’s our telesales agent spilling the beans on what’s keeping her motivated during the Holidays! If you want to explore everything she’s talking about, sign up with us to effortlessly balance your holiday spirit with your work schedule! 

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