How to stay motivated as customer support or telesales agent this Holiday season

Right now is considered to be the most wonderful time of the year. That said, it can also be a major productivity killer. If someone says climbing Mount Everest is the hardest thing to do, then that person certainly hasn’t been able to focus on a customer while also dealing with the festivities at home. With the onset of the Holiday season, agents and employees alike are faced with the challenge of staying focused at work while also having to spend time with family and friends and make the most out of this season. 


Unfortunately, nobody has promised anyone the gift of vacation during these times. You will have to sing your carols, eat desserts while also working with the same dedication and commitment as before while also coping with the new distractions. Work cannot wait and has to be done ASAP. Don’t let the upcoming holidays disrupt your productivity and motivation. So how do we do it by keeping the spirit of Christmas and the New Year alive but also by performing your absolute best at work? Here’s a list of easy, doable, and effective ways to take into consideration so that your work doesn’t suffer from holiday shenanigans. 

Tip #1 Plan in advance 


As a customer support agent, one thing that has helped me massively from stressing out is planning stuff out. I started this ever since December started. I knew the festivities were going to be tough on my work schedule so I jotted down what I needed to do every week which simplified the whole process of actually getting the job done faster.
Rushali, Customer Support process

While making your Christmas to-do list, try to make a set of work goals for the holiday season that you would like to see achieve before the year ends. Doing so will allow you to stay on top of all that you have to do while also allowing you to be more productive at work with all the clarity and organization that you have created for yourself. Making your checklist for the next two or three weeks enables you to rightly prioritise tasks which helps you stay clear on understanding what you have to do and what’s important for you to complete. This reduces work stress as you have written down all the tasks that you need to complete or spend your time focusing on. 

Tip #2 Enjoy work and enjoy time away from work


For Diwali, I made the mistake of mixing work and the festivities at the same time just to finish and get both done. But that backfired entirely. Learning from that I realised that if you’re decorating your tree, then just focus on that. Or if you are speaking to a customer, put your heart into that moment. The more you start paying attention to your present, the easier it will be for you to focus on everything else that the day offers.
Vikrant, Telesales process

Truly immerse yourself in your work while you are working i.e try to not get distracted. Keep your attention centred while you are working which will, in turn, improve your productivity at work and will help you have a stress-free time with your friends and family. Sure, it is easier said than done considering all the distractions that you will be facing and all the diversions you will be trying to avoid just to find that peaceful working atmosphere. Work in bursts and try to finish everything for the day and make sure to not have to drag it on or have it piled up for you to have to deal with later on. The secret lies in trying to enjoy your work which will leave you feeling energized for the events after and for work again, the next day. 

Tip #3 Ask your friends and family to respect your work 


I have three kids. The anxiety is real during birthdays, special occasions, holidays etc. I lost my previous job due to my inability to handle it all. Thankfully at VOIZ, I work the four-hour slot and my kids understand that ‘mum’ will be back from the home office soon. Besides that, I have also explained to them that I need my time so that I can finish off my work so that I can be with them sooner. I wish I had spent more time explaining to them sooner. Kids understand and so do the people around you if you take the time to explain your work to them
Beulah, Customer Support Process

Your kids need your attention, phone calls bombarding your phone, the cake batter needs checking, your friends want you to come over for a quick meetup. Relatable? Yes! During the weekends, great but during workdays that overlap during the festive season, it might be harder to work through this. Let your friends and family know of your work schedule and spend time making them understand the urgency of finishing your work so that you can join the party sooner! 

Tip #4 Don’t over commit and avoid multitasking


I would always multitask and end up feeling frustrated about not being able to finish anything. This pit of dissatisfaction gnaws at you by the end of the day which ruins all the fun which has been slated for later
Krithi, Telesales process

This is not to be implemented just during the holidays, it needs to be used all year round. One solid way of making sure you complete all your tasks is by avoiding multitasking. Overcommitting can also lead to the act of multitasking. So make sure to stick to your schedule and keep yourself on track by maintaining a sustainable work-life schedule. 

Jingle through the Holidays!


At VOIZ, we bear in mind that our agents need to enjoy the holidays while so encouraging them to perform their best! If you are someone who is looking to find work while also staying motivated through the spirit of the season, then VOIZ is the place for you! Sign up with us now, to get started!

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