This is how Murali moved from being a taxi driver to a customer support agent

At VOIZ, we have plenty of agents who have come from various backgrounds and all walks of life. We have professionals who started off with zero experience to professionals who started off being perfectly qualified for the job. Our customer support agent Murali has a very interesting story about how he came into becoming a customer support agent at VOIZ

Murali, like many others, followed a career path because of a dominant skill that he possessed and knew that he could earn money out of it. That skill in his case happened to be driving. He took a loan and purchased a car and worked as a taxi driver. He drove taxis around for five years till the Pandemic struck. He had bills to pay, mouths to feed and loans to pay off. Just how could he do any of that with an impending 6 months lockdown? 

He remained idle for two months while he worked on getting jobs but the job markets remained inactive. He was on every website that posted job requirements. He worked hard at job-hunting but it was all in vain. Murali was, in his own words, as jobless as the day he had first started looking for jobs. After three months, food and medicine deliveries were allowed and Murali became a delivery person for a short period of time till he dropped out of that too stating that he couldn’t keep up with the rush of the job. 

But as wise people say, everything happens for a reason and during the course of this job, he discovered VOIZ through a colleague. Having never had the opportunity to work from home, Murali was initially sceptical about how that was going to work but as soon as he launched himself on the platform, he knew he was in it for the long haul. He didn’t have any experience and thought that that would be his handicap but ultimately it turned out to be one of his strengths. 

Murali turned out to be an excellent conversation partner with a deep sense of empathy and understanding. Customers loved speaking to him and he turned out to be one of those support specialists whom customers could automatically trust and have a connection with. That was where Murali excelled- dealing with customers and their issues. With a high-resolution rate and even after two years of working with VOIZ, Murali has managed to retain his charm and has still managed to be a customer favourite. 

We asked Murali what working with VOIZ was like as a customer support agent and here’s what he shared with us;

“VOIZ has been an easy place to work with from the very beginning. The company has helped me create a balanced working and personal life. I used to work as a driver and I still love driving but that still doesn’t take away the stress and pressure the nature of the work comes with. I love that with customer support I get to engage with people and be able to help them. That is exactly what I look forward to doing every single day and that’s what a job is supposed to be like.”

Take Murali’s word and get on board with VOIZ now! 

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