How our travel vlogger Sid found a job with VOIZ

Life as a travel blogger may sound like a dream to many, but only a few know the difficulty behind keeping up that lifestyle. The life of one may be super glamorous, filled with endless sunny days, gorgeous hotels, idyllic destinations etc but that is definitely not the entire story. Before Sidhant began working as a customer support agent, he had started off as a travel blogger exploring the many places of India. 

After a year of doing this, he realised that it was going to take him a long time to get himself established in the industry and a lot more financial stability to get to where he wanted. He travelled the whole of East India before he decided he needed to get a job on the side to financially support his dreams of travelling. Sid, known as @lifeofsid on social media, also had the responsibility of supporting himself. His father refused to fund his lifestyle and told him he needed to settle for a job that would “pay for his expenses” rather than the other way around. 

Sid’s life took a massive blow when the Pandemic took place and when the travel restrictions were imposed. He was locked in his house for over a year with zero job prospects and a receding followers count. He thought he had hit rock bottom and was convinced that he wasted the first two years of his travel blogging lifestyle until he posted about it on social media and found out through one of his followers that VOIZ exists solely for the purpose of providing employment for people like him! 

That was Sid’s moment of elation and joy when he learned about VOIZ and found that he could work here and save up for his next trip! That was exactly what he did, he started off in the telesales process working the 8-hour slot while staying at home. After six months, he went on his first trip to Gokarna after his hiatus and successfully relaunched his career in the travel blogging industry. By then he had switched up his working hours and opted for the four-hour slot while also moving to the customer support process. He worked in the early hours of the morning while documenting his travels for the rest of the day. Not only did he improve his video editing skills, but he also networked well while within the companies of the projects he worked for at VOIZ. 

His excellent communication skills made him a favourite amongst clients and callers and with every trip he took, Sid would somehow also be better at what he did. It was almost like his travelling passions enhanced his life so much so that he did everything with 100%! We asked him what it was like living life as a travel vlogger and as a customer support agent and here’s what he told us: 

“Travelling has been a passion of mine but sometimes to further that, one needs help- as I did. I come from a family of army officers. Every four years, we moved around. So as I got older, it didn’t feel right to stay in one place and work a monotonous job that required me to be there from 9 to 5. VOIZ changed that for me. With its flexibility and its convenience of putting the ‘agent first’ I fell in love with the idea of working for a few hours while having the rest of the day to myself to fulfil my goals and dreams.”

Sign up with VOIZ, if you are like Sid, trying to set sail to your dreams while also looking to find financial stability that will help in achieving your goals! 

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