How Lily and her sister navigated their joys of working from home as customer support agents

Most of the agents we have working with us used to work in different career zones before joining us as support or telesales agents. And they have either stayed on with us like that or even gone on to pursue their passions or even started their own entrepreneurial endeavours by also growing with us! and embarking on different projects. 

Such is the story of two sisters Lily and Rosie, who hailed from a small town in Bhubaneshwar and were working as receptionists in a firm in Mumbai. They moved away from their hometown to get a job in one of the metropolitan cities because they had always dreamt of getting out of their comfort zones and that meant getting a job out of their little town and bursting forth into hustle and bustle of the city life. That city being Mumbai, the sisters were exponentially excited and looked forward to this change that would bring about so many developments in their personal lives. Their family was supportive and encouraged them to go far and beyond the lines of their little town where not many people had the opportunity to. 

Lily and Rosie had a little brother too who was affected by Muscular Dystrophy. Their parents worked hard to support their daughter’s education and their son’s medical bills. Their parents worked for an affluent family in their hometown who helped the family throughout their lives. Lily and Rosie stepped up and took charge of taking care of their finances a year ago while working for a telecommunications company an hour away from their home. While that was great while it lasted, they wanted to move out of their small town like most budding career aspirants. They hit the jackpot by getting hired together in the same company but under different shifts. 

While this worked for over a year, their brother’s health deteriorated and living in Mumbai was not as easy or as dreamy as they thought it would be. Most of their money was spent on rent, food and getting from home to work and back. They barely had anything to send back home. It was then that Lily made the decision to move back home because not only was she terribly homesick, but she was also deeply disturbed and depressed by living alone with her sister and working the night shift. 

After Lily moved back, she helped around the house a lot. She used up most of her savings to pay the medical bills her brother’s treatment had accumulated. Her parents were still working for the same family that they had been. Her mother worked as a nanny-cum-cook while her father worked as a manager of sorts. It was then that Lily saw VOIZ’s promotional piece on Facebook and got to know about how the gig industry was taking over the traditional workforce. She had immediately signed up with VOIZ and got started with us when we were only a few agents strong and were just getting started as a gig platform. 

Rosie moved back home after her company had massively downsized which included her position in the company as well. She too hopped on the bandwagon and started her remote working journey as a customer support specialist. They realised that working from home while being with their family felt more fulfilling than working elsewhere. 

We asked Rosie and Lily what this shift felt like in their personal and professional lives and this is what they had to say:

“I had an immense amount of support from my family which helped me achieve my dreams but at the same time, my aspirations stemmed from helping my family and supporting them. So it did not make sense to work elsewhere while my family was unhappy elsewhere. I was happy in Mumbai but I realised soon enough that my small town was where I wanted to be. It had my family and my friends that I’ve grown up around and that’s where my priorities also lay. I am beyond grateful to VOIZ for giving me the opportunity to provide for my family while also having the good fortune to stay and be there for them.”

If you relate with Rosie or Lilly, then here’s your chance to start working with VOIZ, now! 

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