Happy agents share their satisfying experiences of finding jobs with VOIZ

Happy employees are the keys to a smooth and successful organization. Not only is a satisfied employee a retained employee but also an ambassador for the brand, both internally and externally. According to Micheal Page’s ‘Job confidence Index Q1 2017”, the top three reasons why people in India seek jobs are to acquire new skills (48% of the respondents), better and improved work-life balance (38%), and higher salaries (34%). 

Contrary to common perception, stressful jobs and less income is not why people look for better opportunities. Today’s workforce is hungry for new challenges and better opportunities that aid in their professional growth and individual progress. And if people find that their current jobs are incapable of providing that, they do not think twice about finding greener pastures. That is why at VOIZ, we make sure to provide our agents with choices that will help them stay satisfied with their jobs and the premises of their work. 

Let’s hear our agents out regarding the ease at which they got jobs at VOIZ while also staying happy through their job hunting experience and their satisfaction after landing the job! 

Here’s what our 21-year-old agent had to say about hunting for jobs soon after graduating from her college:

“I didn’t have a job for over two years. The Pandemic ruined my chances of studying abroad which further diminished my chances of getting a good job. After coming to know about VOIZ, I  applied for a customer support role that appealed to me in a company that is known worldwide and got accepted in a matter of days. It has been five months since I joined and I couldn’t be happier. It has given me the job experience I need and the time and freedom to prepare for my exams to go abroad.”
– Nishanthini L. 

Here’s what our top-performing telesales agent had to say about working at VOIZ: 

“I worked in a company as their salesman for five years only to lose my job to the Pandemic. I almost went into a state of depression as I did not find any job that suited my experience in the past. I never rose to the top in my job. I was more or less stuck in the entry-level position which did nothing to my job prospects. My fellow colleague joined VOIZ which is how I ended up joining the company and getting onboarded in less than a week. I’m a part of the telesales process and I couldn’t be happier as I get to work during the mornings while having the time to take tuitions for students in the evenings.”

– Ravi M

Slowly finding his way towards job fulfilment is our telesales agent:

“I have always been prone to anxiety attacks. That was attributed largely due to the nature of the job I was working in which was sales. When I moved from that to VOIZ’s way of working, I think I experienced what I would call a working culture shock. The work was relaxing and just like the dream job I have always wanted.”

– Guhan V.

From sending endless emails and applications, our customer support agent finally found a role she enjoys with  VOIZ: 

“I haven’t stayed in a job role for longer than 3 months. I would just become so unhappy and think of quitting while my productivity level sank. It was easier on my ego to quit than get fired so that was what I would do. I created a profile with VOIZ with absolutely no expectations. And boy did it surprise me! It took me two weeks to land my role but I have been working there for more than 8 months which is a huge accomplishment for me. My family is happy and I’m able to further my education also on the side.” 

– Jia K. 

Happy and healthy, this delightful customer support agent is a people’s favourite and it shows when one enjoys their job!

“I worked the night shift at my company and I could see myself becoming increasingly unhappy and irritated with my job which I would take on my family and the people around me. I travelled more than two hours a day to get there and perform my work which I started detesting. But I stayed because I needed the income to finish my financial obligations. After I joined VOIZ, I realized I could work at normal timings, take care of my health, and enjoy my job while also earning well. Thank you VOIZ for never disappointing me and for always taking care of us agents.” 

– Deepti N. 

Finding happiness within your working spaces may sometimes be challenging. Take your cues from our freelancers and apply for jobs with VOIZ to discover the job satisfaction you have always been looking for! 

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