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A day in the life of a remote CX professional from VOIZ

We are entering into the work-from-anywhere times. To attract CX talent, companies were providing good infrastructure with modern amenities and a hip work culture — before moving remote — are reimagining ways to keep up the employee experience and not just productivity or attrition. 

 Let’s have a look at a day of one of our CX lead Ms Meera. Meera works for an inbound process of a leading Telco brand. Meera who worked for a leading contact centre in Bangalore is currently working from her home office in Hubli. 

 Nov 10,2020 | 8 am

Meera starts her workday with coffee and some stats. She logs into the CX Dashboard customised for her project and gets a holistic view of her performance and the way the project is progressing. As usual, she was the top performer for the previous day based on the NPS score of the calls she handled.

Over the chime of the Google calendar on her daily team stand up meeting, she logs into the google meet. Her Supervisor Ms Amrutha handles a team of 50, starts her meeting by congratulating the top performer of the previous day and that is Ms Meera. Amrutha summarises the way the team is performing over the KPIs set for the project.

CSAT score dropped by 5% percentage the previous day. Ms Amrutha picks up one of the tickets from the red zone. She opens up the conversation through the recording from the dashboard and plays it to the team. Asks the team what went wrong with that conversation and gets a few comments including one from Meera.  Amrutha explains what went wrong and gives pointers to the whole team on how to handle that type of resolution. She wishes the team well and the team is now ready to take the calls. 

 After her quick 10 mins break, sitting in her work table with earphones plugged into her phone, Meera logs in with a couple of taps, and marks herself available for the calls. She gets her first call. Using her laptop, she looks into the history of the customer through her agent access to the CRM. She resolves the query with a TTR of 2 minutes using the call script. She marks the NPS. The call disconnects and she receives her next call. She follows the flow.

She marks her out-for-a-break. Takes a breather and a coffee. And goes back to her work table. Listens to a couple of tunes. She handles her burn out through music and talking to a few colleagues and friends. She makes a couple of calls — one to her colleague. Speaks about the day and an episode in a TV show. Gets back and starts logging in again.

Finishing a 4-hour slot, she logs out for her lunch. Her next time slot starts at 4. Meera being a Single-mom has to stay home with her kid. She is happy that she can work and take care of her kid as well. She prepares lunch and has it with her kid, takes an afternoon nap. Coming fresh again, she starts her afternoon session at 4. She finishes her second and last slot of the day as the first one. She finishes her day and logs off with a happy face. She looks into her day’s performance and as usual, she aces it today too.

She gets back to her kid. Both of them steps out for a walk and some neighbourly chat. Comes back and closes her night with a sumptuous dinner and her favourite TV show.

She starts her next day at 8 am. Back to the daily stand up, getting congratulated for her previous day gets back to the grind. She gets to the calls with a smile on her face.

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