9 Reasons to get to work remotely ASAP!

With the whole world buzzing about Pandemic Prevention, another topic that has gained just as much attention is, “Remote Work”. It has come to become the norm of the generation to ‘work-from-home or to WFH as the millennials like to call it. While most of us are adapting to this working arrangement, it’s no surprise to see the World Economic Forum signaling ‘workplace flexibility’ as the future of work. 
Corroborative to the stats, employees are finding this evolving workforce setup both convenient and economically rewarding. That’s what makes Remote Work such a hit amongst those belonging to working sectors. At least that’s what we’ve based our entire business model on, at VOIZ. So if that means taking thirty minutes of your morning to catch up on some running or deep-breathing meditation, you absolutely can in this way of work.
After the work-from-home phenomenon, the idea of ‘the perfect work-life balance’ seems achievable rather than the far-fetched concept it was believed to be.

So if you’re seriously contemplating the switch, here are 9 solid reasons to support your decision to work from home.

  1. Bid Farewell to daily commuting.

Let’s start with how you used to begin your day; pre-covid. The start of your day must depend on how early you get to leave your house to catch the train that gets you to your office or to catch the morning shuttle that traverses through traffic till you get to your workplace. By the time you get there, you’re already exhausted. So now, to have to move from your bed to your work desk at home, and having to avoid the commuting process does save time and improves your overall productivity and performance. It’s a big win-win. 

  1. The day is yours to do with!|
    Working remotely allows you to do the things you’ve always wanted to, to kickstart your day. Be it a good cardio workout, a full breakfast, or even dropping your kids off to school- it’s all possible since flexible work timings are the biggest perks of working from home. 
  1. Say “Bye” to office distractions.
    Studies show that a majority of the workforce is more productive in the creative and customer-oriented fields of work when there aren’t any distractions around. With no water cooler chats to keep you distracted and with the absence of other workplace stressors, watch your productivity skyrocket and the quality of your work increase considerably.
  1. Get that To-Do List going!
    Remember that Wednesday Bazaar you’ve been meaning to go to but you couldn’t? Well, now, you totally can! Having a change in the atmosphere allows you to experiment with your timings and the hours you’re most productive at! This helps you finish your work when it suits you best and lets you have the rest of your time to do what you want to do! 
  1. More time with loved ones.
    With never having to hang up on a family member on account of work or having to spend more time with your kids; you can put the guilt of not being there for your family aside and focus on a healthy balance of being a happy part of the house thereby becoming a focused and dynamic individual at your workplace. 
  1. Dress but this time not to impress.
    If Pajamas are your best friends; then having to lounge around them even while at work is a big plus while working remotely. In addition to saving money on buying those work pants; you’re also allowing yourself to be in your zone of comfort allowing you to perform to the best of your more than ‘comfy’ abilities.
  1. Renewed willpower to hit work goals.
    With everything taken care of on the homefront, you will have a rejuvenated drive and determination to put your one hundred percent into your work. You can take your breaks at any moment, cook your meals or wash your car and still manage to handle work just as efficiently because of the mental peace you derive from doing personal tasks combined with work assignments.
  1. Work from anywhere!
    Have you been putting off that weekend trip for a long while now? Guess what! You can still go on that trip and not worry about coming back on time Monday morning to the office. You can let your hair down and work in comfort and quiet, holiday seclusion if you feel like it. Travel all you like and work from wherever you are! Once you do things this way, you’ll never want to go back to the conventional way of working i.e. at the office!
  1. Save all that money.
    Commuting, lunch, and other expenses concerning having to ‘go to the office’ daily results in a lot of unforeseen and pricey expenditures. At home, you can save big time by preparing your meals and have the rest of your money added to your savings account!

     If you’re looking to make it big in the WFH department and if CX is your calling, sign up with VOIZ to get started on working remotely as a CX agent.

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