3 myths surrounding customer support and telesales jobs that we are busting today

The telesales and customer support job industry has received a lot of flak in the past regarding job growth, employment freedom, etc. But the remote workforce has evolved to the point where all such accusations have ceased to be relevant. Here’s how we’re busting these myths! 

Myth 1: customer support jobs have irregular shifts, inflexible hours, and are exhausting which makes the overall CX job unenjoyable.


Clarification: VOIZ is largely based on the convenience of the agents. Agents can work as per their timings, choose their process and work according to their days of preference. In addition to this, agents have the freedom to choose the companies and projects they want to be associated with. At VOIZ, each slot comes in pockets of four continuous hours and this is the minimum commitment required. Agents can choose more than one slot and the timings of these hours are also up to them. Therefore working a customer support job allows the agent to handle customers for a short period during which they interact with them, help them and learn about various aspects of the product and how it serves various customers. This not only improves their interpersonal skills and their communication skills but also helps them to learn about the market and keeps them abreast with the changing economy.

Myth 2: The payout in customer support and/or telesales jobs is not the best.


Clarification: VOIZ is associated with companies that are at the top of their game and the customer support job posting available on the portal are for those companies which means that the agents will be compensated generously. An agent will easily be able to find the ‘monthly payout’ listed in the job posting which is based on the current hourly payment analogous with the job role. VOIZ aims to communicate the company’s requirements, policies, and payouts at the initial point of the application itself so the agent can commence work with clarity and utmost transparency.

Myth 3: Customer support and telesales jobs have stunted growth opportunities.


Clarification: VOIZ offers a wide range of project types that include inbound and outbound processes that deal with telesales, telemarketing, customer service, etc, and these are further bifurcated into applicable channels like email, chat, calls, and social media. The job opportunities on VOIZ are endless and with each project, agents will carry with them the knowledge of a new product and a new process. In addition to that VOIZ offers courses that can broaden their knowledge and help with applying for various other processes and project types that are beyond their zone of expertise and comfort which not only boosts their confidence in their work but also increases their chances of attaining visibility and exposure and ups their career chances as well. 

Hope we’ve busted a few myths with this blog post! Sign up with VOIZ today to get started on a journey that involves a lot of learning and a lot of earning.

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