Top statistics to know in 2022 that will shape the future of the Customer Support Industry

The world is changing rapidly and so is customer support. Customer support is becoming a vital driver of customer loyalty, how a company is perceived, and how the customer chooses to do business with the brand or business. If you think your brand or business is providing your customers with exceptional customer support now, then let us be the ones to tell you that the nature of customer expectations is that it is ever-changing. What seems satisfactory today might simply be outdated within the next couple of months. 

So how do you know if your organization is keeping up with the pace? Customer support is an integral part of a company that aims to retain existing customers and earn the business of new customers. Keep in mind that customer support and experience are key differentiators for brands and businesses across most industries and knowing your customers, their expectations, preferences and support expectations have never been more important. 

Source: The Harris Poll

In 2022, things are way more accessible than ever! Everything is more customer-centric and focused on simplifying the support experience and amplifying the quality of providing rich customer support services. 75% of companies already recognize service as a competitive differentiator. If customers want to connect with customer support specialists on whichever channel they prefer, they should be able to! 

Why does phenomenal Customer Support matter in 2022?
It has always been a subject of interest but it matters more now because this does set your brand apart from the competition and identifies your business apart. Authors Elizabeth Silliman, Kelly Ungerman, Rachel Diebner, and Maxence Vancauwenberghe in their report on ‘adapting customer experience in the time of Corovirus’ state that: 

“Customers require digital, at-home, and low-touch options. Digital-led experiences will continue to grow in popularity once the Coronavirus quells – and companies that act quickly and innovate in their delivery model to help consumers navigate the Coronavirus Pandemic safely and effectively will establish a strong advantage.”

The answer is this; Great customer support is here to stay and will be relevant years to come. To provide you with further context, here are 15 statistics from numerous sources that demonstrate the evolution of customers, their expectations, and their satisfaction. 

Listed below are some of the best customer support statistics that paint the picture of: 

  • What customers’ current expectations are
  • How brands are delivering their customer support services
  • The opportunity to catapult your support staff to meet these growing demands and expectations 

1- 97% of global consumers surveyed say that customer support is somewhat or very important in their choice of or loyalty to a brand. 
Source: Dimension Data Benchmarking Report 

2- Only 10% of businesses believe that their contact centres are omnichannel, but 76% are making the effort to become omi-channel.  
Source: Gartner 

3- Businesses and brands that prioritize customer experience have between 4% and 8% higher revenue than their competitors. 
Source: techjury 

4- 40% want companies to focus on taking care of their needs ASAP. The future of customer support belongs to those who deliver convenient, quick, and personalized customer service in the customer’s preferred channel of communication. 
Source: American Express 

5- 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer support experience. 
Source: Super Office 

Source: Microsoft

7- 62% of global consumers have stopped doing business with a brand or organization due to a substandard customer service experience.
Source: Gartner 

8- 82% of customers expect to solve complex problems by talking to one person.
Source: Salesforce

9- 40% of customers start buying from a competitor because they hear that they have excellent customer service. 
Source: Zendesk

10 –Feeling unappreciated or undervalued by a company is the number one reason customers switch away from a brand’s products and services. 
Source: Vonage

Source: Hubspot

12- Brands and businesses can grow their revenue by as much as 8% above their competition when they improve their customer service experience. 
Source: Bain and Company

13- 87% of customers want to be proactively reached out by a company for customer support related issues. 
Source: inContact via MyCustomer 

14- 78% of customers say the quality of service is fundamental to earning their loyalty and repeat business. 
Souce: Netomi 

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