Top 6 acknowledgement statements for customer support agents

Words have an immense amount of power. They have the potential to create and the capability to destroy. Words have the power to sway a situation and or even an individual which is why as a support agent, you need to choose your words carefully and consciously. Billy Batson, a young hero from the old Captain Marvel comic books had the ability to summon astounding forces at the utterance of a single word. 

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Therefore the words uttered by customer support agents while speaking to customers have a profound impact, for better or worse. Although customer support agents are not directly responsible for the customer’s problems, an attempt to make them feel better or improve the situation most definitely lies in choosing the right statements of acknowledgement and empathy. 

Listed below are a few acknowledgement statements that are designed for you to improve authenticity, and make you sound like nowhere close to being robotic. Ensure to utilize these phrases as a guide to frame the right statements as per the need and situation of the customer and based on the circumstances you are in. 

  1. “Now that I know what is going on, I will certainly try my best to resolve it for you.”
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This comment addresses the situation the customer is going through, really well. Psychologically, this statement tends to calm the customer down after making all the effort to get in touch with you. This is also a good example of how a support representative is taking personal responsibility and ownership of the problem. This statement tackles the negativity the customer initially came with bringing a sense of reassurance to the interaction. 

  1.  “I completely understand why you would want that.”
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It’s no surprise that customers sometimes have unrealistic expectations or maybe even the most absurd of requests and requirements. This phrase is for such situations only. Do not try and talk the customer out of what they want. They will mistake that for manipulation or something worse. Use this and similar such phrases to try and connect with the customer so as to develop a foundation of trust after which the customer might listen to your point of view and your opinions on the matter. 

  1. “I’m really sorry to hear that. I will do all that I can to fix this.”
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While your apology must not sound like it’s being read off of a script, it is important that you transmit empathy and understanding to a frustrated customer. Saying sorry can be a two-edged sword. Sometimes a customer might get annoyed that you are apologizing and in some cases, they might be annoyed because you are not apologizing. Regardless, apologising is a good way to get the rapport going and fuse that with an action statement so the customer will understand the authenticity of your statements. 

  1. “I cannot begin to imagine how upsetting it must be to….” 
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This acknowledgement statement may seem like it is negative but it strictly implies to customers who have grievances which are now your responsibility to clear. This statement directly communicates to the customer that you understand their problem and incorporate a positive thought that provides a sense of urgency. 

  1. “This sounds extremely frustrating, let me do my best to resolve this for you.”
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Rightful utilization of this phrase can garner relief from the customer. Ultimately, that is what you want your customer to feel after interacting with you. An over usage of ‘sorry’ can sometimes annoy the customer so by matching and mirroring their frustration and by transitioning from negative to positive, you are providing them with solace along with the hope that this issue will be resolved at the earliest. 

  1. I would feel the same if I were in your shoes, but we/I will definitely sort this out.”
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This is a direct response to the distress of a customer. By saying so, it reflects your urge to connect with the customer as it is a sign of personal recognition. Like you view the customer not as a customer but as a person with the same problems as would have had. Make sure to not patronise the customer but that you are being there for them as a dutiful customer support agent must be. 

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