2022: Identify, hire and fill your customer support with the best talent from VOIZ

Great customer experience comes with intangibly perceived components that are an amalgamation of effort, emotion, and action. The resultant of all interactions does not just impact your customer experience but your overall brand loyalty. Each member of your customer service team must go the extra mile when required to achieve a positive result at every call which can be measured by CSAT and other conventional metrics but the resource plays a key quotient too in the desired output. 

Importance of good Customer Support 
Let us let you in on a secret you may or may not already know! The key to customer retention is good customer support. Customers are more likely to stop doing business with a company if they have a negative customer experience? This can lead to significant financial loss, hiring fees, and the expense of training a new person. 

Source: Groove HQ

A growing number of organizations are realizing that with new technological innovations, growing competition, and continually improving products and services, customers are being pulled in various directions. For these businesses to thrive amidst such fierce competition, they need to hire skilled individuals who meet or exceed the industry standards for customer support representatives. 

Take a look at some of the stats that support the importance of great customer service: 

  • 83% of consumers cite good customer service as the most important factor—outside of price and product—when deciding what to buy. (Netomi)
  • If provided with great service, 62% of customers will recommend a brand to a friend. (Gladly)

The cost of poor customer service:
Zendesk conducted a survey to understand what accounts for a poor customer experience from a customer’s perspective and these are their findings:

According to the data, Zendesk has provided us with, some of the main problems customers have, are unresolved issues and complaints or feeling like companies don’t care enough. Therefore, you can see how the need for consistent and committed customer support service will nurture and strengthen the bond between a company and its customers. Being there for your customers is an important factor when it comes to organizational success. 

Further, let’s delve into the repercussions of bad customer support; 

Given here are some numbers that will help you understand how much your business stands to lose if you provide substandard customer service. 

  • Air Kit notes that 64% of consumers aren’t able to get help or solve their problems through a company’s customer support providers.
  • Gladly estimates that only 19% of customers believe that customer service is exceeding expectations. 
  • Zendesk identifies that 50% of customers will switch to a competitor after one bad experience and 80% will switch to a competitor after more than one poor experience. 

Make smarter hiring decisions with VOIZ 
So where do we stand now on the scale of smart hiring? According to the data provided above and its interpretation, the market is in constant flux and organizations need to have a committed and consistent approach when it comes to being in alignment with the changing demands of the customer. 

But what if you lack the resources, finance, and expertise to ensure good customer service or what if it is just not one of your core activities?  Simple! VOIZ can provide you with the best customer support professionals.  that you need to provide your customers with quality support services. Every one of VOIZ’s agents is prepared for the job role with mandatory courses on customer service and people handling skills. 

Regardless of the size of your business, you will always find that we have what it takes to match your requirements and supply you with professionals that exhibit all of the necessary customer service skills and qualities such as empathy, clear communication skills, patience, problem-solving skills etc along with the additional ability to work on multiple channels. 

VOIZ’s customer support talent not only creates experiences for customers that improve the loyalty of the business or the brand but also elevates customer experiences and enhances their overall journey. Hiring customer support that is skilled and equipped with the latest technological knowledge is the future of your business. 

Get started with VOIZ today! 
No matter the size of the project, companies will always find CX talent that complements their process type at VOIZ. Be it a requirement for three agents or three hundred agents, VOIZ’s automated hiring process allows companies to access optimal candidates without unnecessary delay. At the end of the day, customers prefer to reach businesses through the telephone and all they require are their voices heard, their needs met and their queries answered and issues resolved. Start hiring with VOIZ and exemplify your company’s vision and mission by building your customer support or telesales team with VOIZ today!

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