How Meera and her mom found financial independence and happiness with VOIZ

With over 1000 active professions on our platform, we have a generous amount of stories under our belt. One such agent story is that of Meera and her mom which has inspired countless other agents to join VOIZ to support their financial needs while also continuing to pursue their passions. 

Meera has been training to become a state-level swimming champion since she turned 16. Having only enjoyed the sport but with no actual training, she had to work twice as hard to achieve her dreams. Her mother, Vaani, quit her 16-hour desk job to be able to support her daughter’s dreams by being her designated driver, travel companion, and biggest cheerleader all through her tryouts, practise sessions, competitions, etc. 

Meera’s focus was absolute till she joined college after which her dreams were derailed by having to keep up with online classes while her mother was forced to rejoin the workforce after Meera’s father was laid off from work due to the Pandemic. The Pandemic put a significant pause on Meera’s passion as she had to navigate through the indecisiveness of her future while also contributing in some way to sustain the financial peace and stability of her family. 

Meera was working as an online part-time kindergarten teacher while also attending her college classes. Her mom was working as a medical transcriber for a company based in the US which required her to work during the night, a time that did not suit her physical health nor her mental wellbeing. Meera’s father was 

Having a busy schedule of doing what she didn’t enjoy and being at the cusp of giving into the bottomless chasm of depression, Meera had slowly started becoming a shadow of the person she used to be until she found out about VOIZ. This discovery happened while interacting with one of her students’ parents who was also working with VOIZ as a telesales agent. Initially apprehensive, Meera signed up with VOIZ while being in her final year of college and started applying for customer support roles. With a mind filled with doubt and having had no previous experience in the area, Meera didn’t think too much about the opportunity and went on about her days and forgot about the fact that she needed to check her notifications on her agent profile. 

Nine days later, it was when her mother randomly brought up the topic of VOIZ and asked if any company she applied to, had responded, that Meera ran to check up on the same. To her hopeful surprise, she was qualified by two companies for the next round. Her happiness knew no bounds as she made her way through the interview round and eventually landed the job in a matter of days! She quit her part-time teaching job and focused on her studies while she enjoyed her work as a customer support representative. 

Watching Meera enjoy her work, her mom Vaani followed suit and landed a job as a customer support agent in no time! Three months ago Meera told us that she has resumed practising for her swimming tryouts and will attempt to compete in the next competition this summer! 

We asked Meera and Vaani for a quote and they had this to say

I love what VOIZ has done for me in terms of giving me the confidence I need to pursue my dream while also being my safety net. At 21, I can say that I work for one of the finest brands while also having the freedom and support to continue doing what I love, which is swimming and winning the state-level championships. No matter what happens, my four hours of working for VOIZ gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride and nobody can take that away from me.– Meera

“I was extremely unhappy working the night shift which was what I was doing before I joined VOIZ. And after joining VOIZ I am so much happier and I can be there for my daughter and family while also being able to contribute to the house, financially. VOIZ made this possible for me. -Vaani, Meera’s mother

If you are trying to pursue your passions and are looking for a job while making your dreams come true, sign up with VOIZ today and experience the joy of working the hours you want to while also enjoying what you do. 

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