How do you know if your business needs a customer service BPO?

A phenomenal team for labour-intensive customer support or service is crucial in setting the seal on long term development and progress for your business or company. That said, 

What exactly does a customer service BPO entail?
By definition, customer service BPO is the process by which an organization or a business also referred to as the ‘outsourcer’ contracts with another company to perform their call centre processes and activities. Business Process Outsourcing companies are considered to be experts in specific business functions, in this case in the field of customer service and support processes; due to which businesses choose to outsource in order to offload certain functions that are not central to their business operations as well as take advantage by tapping into these skills and potential. 

Customer service BPOs specialize in handling customer queries, concerns, grievances etc that come in the form of phone calls, chat, email, social media etc. It helps in addressing pain points while also ensuring operational efficiency, data security and privacy and customer satisfaction. This is one of the reasons why outsourcing a partner with the adequate skills, manpower and expertise to handle your customers is a huge aspect of your business and most likely the answer to the long-term success of your business in the future. 

To outsource or not?
It is public knowledge that having the right customer service team or partner can add wings to a business’ development and expansion by getting to know customers, winning them over and retaining their loyalty. There arises the question of whether you should build your own in-house customer service team or outsource it from industry experts? 

As an entrepreneur or a team leader, you must be aware of the fact that building transparency and trust amongst your customers is key in enabling your business to flourish. It should be built to thrive even in the face of adversity or any kind of business crises. As per a study conducted by Mathew Dixon, Nicholas Toman and Karen Freeman and published by Harvard Business Review, customers whose complaints, problems or issues are resolved quickly, effectively and effortlessly tend to be more loyal towards the company. An efficient customer service BPO can help your organization attain this kind of allegiance in addition to saving you a lot of time and effort. 

Businesses can have any number of arrangements with their customer service BPO partner. They can either assign their overflow volume to the BPO partner primarily using the BPO company’s agents to supplement their own representatives during volume surges. Or businesses might even completely shut down their internal or in-house call centre and hand over their entire call volume to the BPO company. They might also assign their telesales calls to BPO partners in addition to handling their customer support. Customer service BPOs with their versatility can help companies by providing them with the flexibility to mould their service functions to meet the business’ expectations and requirements.

Business operations can sometimes make it hard for companies to focus on augmenting customer support processes, strategies, mechanisms and tools. Therefore, working with a highly experienced and high-quality business process outsourcing partner will take the burden of customer service and support off your plate, which will visibly help your staff and your business to focus on other important aspects of your enterprise such as your end goal, products and services etc. 

How can VOIZ help?
Exceptional customer service is critical in establishing and maintaining a personal relationship with your customers. This contributes to business expansion, customer retention and protection of your brand and reputation. At VOIZ we have the expertise and the experience to recruit top talent, provide exceptional training and scale your team as the business grows. We ensure operational excellence, exceptional staffing, data security, cost-saving and increased rates in customer satisfaction. We also ensure standardised customer support processes that have managed to consistently demonstrate success. 

 The adoption of partnering with BPOs and employing agents is on the rise thereby bringing about a reduction in operational costs while increasing agent productivity and customer satisfaction. Our highly skilled and trained agents are proficient in their communication skills and are capable of handling various channels of contact like phone calls, live chat, emailers etc. 

The future of customer service BPO

The future of contact centres is a subject that speculates the dominance of automation and AI while also debating the need for a human touch. According to a study conducted by PWC human interaction and encounters are still valued and demanded by customers. The study stated that 78% of customers want more human interactions with companies, not less thereby proving that AI and automated services cannot supersede the human side of customer support.

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