Here’s why you need to consider outsourcing your lead qualification services with VOIZ

It is not a good practice to just have hundreds of leads. At VOIZ we firmly believe that you need to have the capacity to close rather than having to chase endless dead prospects. Leads are the most elemental requirement for the smooth running and operation of any business and at the end of the day profits and results are all that matter. No matter what platform is being utilized or how many leads are being generated, what is of significance is how companies qualify their leads. This step is significant because not all leads are ideal for your business and filtering out potential customers translates into longer lifetime value. 

According to MarketingSherpa, Lack of need nurturing is the common cause of poor performance because 79% of leads never convert into sales. This is because acquiring prospective leads and filtering them into viable leads is no easy task. Managing leads and qualifying them is an essential aspect of understanding whether one should spend time on someone or not. Qualifying your leads is an essential step toward understanding whether a prospect is a viable customer with a genuine interest in what you are selling or if they are nothing more than a name and phone number. 

Why outsource your lead qualification services?
Are you struggling to qualify your business needs? Or are you finding it challenging to hit sales targets with your existing team? Or is your sales budget hindering you from deriving the most out of your enquiries? If the answer to any or all of these questions is ‘yes’, then you need to know that timing is of the essence here and that you need to act at once because sales enquiries are often short-lived, shrouded with uncertainty and require nurturing from the very beginning. Outsourcing your lead qualification services is a phenomenal way to leverage a third-party team or an external team to reduce your front end costs. 

Instead of having your sales representatives pick up the phone to call up leads only to listen to “not interested”, a more productive approach would be to have an outsourced agent generate a qualified lead and then warm transfer the caller to your internal sales representatives to exclusively interact with the leads that are interested in what you have to offer. There are plenty of ways to do this. Another way is when a lead is qualified, the outsourced call centre agent with notify your internal team in real-time, outlining the most important information they need to close the deal. Doing so helps to give your internal representatives warm leads along with actionable insights that they can utilize to create better and much-improved sales conversions. This process is complicated and if not executed right can lead to wasted time and money. If you are considering having this service outsourced, then listed below are a few things you can consider. 

  • Ensure to work directly with your provider regarding the pitch that conveys how the caller’s pain points can be addressed. These pieces are critical in generating opportunities that are both qualitative and quantitative. 
  • Ensure that your third-party provider is contacting a highly targeted list of prospects that are relevant to your services and products. 
  • Clearly outline and define your requirements and opportunities and hold your third-party provider accountable against that standard. 
  • Ensure to get your provider to share and report statistics of your telesales goals on a regular basis. 

Listed above are some high-level items that you need to concentrate on if you are considering the route of outsourced lead qualification. If done right, you can be sure that a robust lead generation system through the medium of telesales can not only support your internal sales team with great leverage but also with productivity gains. 

Why choose VOIZ as your lead qualification telesales service provider?
Outsourcing this service with VOIZ is always a better option considering the infrastructure, people, resources and processes we have at our disposal. While your internal salespeople are good at converting qualified leads into successful sales, our telesales CX talent can play the first responder and qualify inbound leads. Not only are our remote CX agents skilled and trained to qualify leads but are also well acquainted with the technical setup which enables them to handle large volumes of emails, chats and even calls. For this sole process itself, VOIZ has a proven workflow that can efficiently qualify and advance leads that also efficiently convey the personality of your brand. 

Leads are repeatedly known to have a short shelf life and require meticulous planning and strategizing to convert them. Chances are that prospects are more likely to collaborate with businesses and brands that are expeditious in their responses and are regular at following up. Therefore the lead qualification process becomes more and more complex as time passes by making it more crucial for brands to respond quickly and effectively. Here is where VOIZ can help by providing each of your leads with attentiveness and prudence. This has the capacity of turning into an onerous task if it were to be done by the company entirely. At VOIZ you can also benefit from integrating your CRM system with ours. Our integrated system is built to allow our CX agents to see the same screen as your staff does, also updating customer records and leads in the CRM database in real-time. 

At VOIZ, we have created an airtight process that allows each agent to focus on their task in a specialised and efficient way. Our services can help your internal sales team manage, append and follow up on leads. We ensure to drive leads and build brand awareness by prospecting lead lists and by assigning our CX agents to conduct a thorough qualification of leads before sending them to your sales team. By outsourcing your lead qualification services with us, our agents will take up doing the task of lead qualification which will allow your sales representatives to save their valuable time and effort on interactions that do not have any potential. We aim to provide the kind of services that will not only free up your reps to create better customer relationships and experiences for leads that are most likely to become your customers. 

Benefits of outsourcing your lead qualification services with VOIZ: 
Listed below are some of the advantages of choosing VOIZ as your provider for lead qualification services. 

  1. Security of data and information
    At VOIZ, we can assure you that your business data and information will be kept confidential and secured from any unauthorized or unwanted interruptions. In addition to that, our systems and tools are rock solid and can safeguard your data from any breach. 
  1. Flexible pricing options 
    We provide flexible pricing solutions based on your requirements and other factors such as volume of calls, shift coverage, agents per project etc. 
  1. Quality and experienced hires 
    Our exhaustive recruitment process is aimed at attracting, hiring and retaining the best talent for the telesales processes. So when our agents are assigned the job of lead qualification, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the very best of leads. 
  1. Modern infrastructure
    With ultramodern tools and technologies, VOIZ will make it easy for you to accomplish your process goals within the shortest and most stimulated time.
  1. Operational transparency 
    Our lead qualification process is built in a way that can expedite your lead conversion process. We ensure to analyse and record all communications that can easily facilitate your internal agents to progress further. 
  1. 24/7 Availability
    At VOIZ, we are better equipped to staff for timings and shifts that are outside of conventional business hours. So when the members of your internal sales are not available to provide coverage, our agents can perform the job of providing real-time responses that comes during the after-hours and on weekends and holidays. To filter through leads coming from various channels, you need trained telesales representatives that are available when the prospect calls or vice versa. 
  1. Scalability
    We can efficiently add agents whenever necessary to manage and handle whatever volume of calls or inquiries you receive. We can scale up at any given moment or time and you will not have to worry about infrastructure, overheads, new hires or layoffs. A surge in volume during seasonal periods, holidays, promotional times etc can be accommodated without loss in quality or response time. 
  1. Personalization 
    In addition to the professionalism that our agents bring to the telesales interactions, VOIZ agents are skilled to send or speak by personalising messages or responses that reflect the personality of the brand. Depending on the nature of the interaction or inquiry, VOIZ has the capacity to craft such responses and messages combined with agents that have the experience of doing similar work to most in-house employees.
  1. Detailed progress report
    In addition to the easy tracking facility, we will also send weekly/monthly reports of the progress of the work completed that can provide insightful information on the issues/gaps that can further help you re-strategise or streamline your internal processes and boost your sales campaign. 

Time is money and if your internal sales representatives who are skilled at pitching and closing deals are spending their time qualifying leads then they won’t be able to close much. The earlier you qualify your leads, the better it will be for your business output and the smooth operational management of your business. Get on board with VOIZ to get the best of our CX agents skilled at prospecting and qualifying leads. 

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