Here’s why and how you shift your Telesales Customer Support process to a remote model

Why remote?

Zero hardware requirements 
Like in the physical office space, you don’t need PBX boxes or telephone lines. With a mobile a laptop, and a good internet connection, you can kick start your work at the comfort of your location.  

Immediate setup
The remote set up comes as a plug ‘ n play. Once you finalize on the team size, work slots, and adequate bandwidth, you’re good to go live within a few hours.  

On-demand Scalability
In a virtual setup, ease of scalability much higher. in a traditional establishment, you have to go through face to face interviews, selection, training and waiting period that can take days before going LIVE. Whereas in Virtual set up when coupled with gig workforce, you can scale up on-demand in a matter of hours.

Easy Integrations
Most of the support tools in telesales like CRM, helpdesk, billing system can be easily integrated into a remote set up. So with the mobile app, your Customer Support frontline sales executive can get similar access like on-site

Let’s look at a standard process flow in telesales

Set campaign objectives > Prepare the campaign offering > Launch calls > Follow the script > Filter prospects based on the interest > Assign the opportunity > Update the CRM
A Customer Support leader can run the entire telesales process end-to-end through a scattered remote workforce with superior analytics ability, manager monitoring and ease of collaboration.

Advantages of moving the telesales to remote

Get top Customer Support telesales talent
Your agent pool gets wider and choices of suitable agents are more.

Localised Vernacular
Hire localised vernacular to connect with the leads and prospects to get better conversion by establishing trust and empathy.

Limited hardware dependability
With the ease of mobile phone + laptop + faster internet, your front line executives can start launching calls.

Ramp up and ramp down
Use a gig-based talent pool. Scale-up and down based on the call volumes.

Slot based workhours
Set the slots that can work with your potential target audience. And deploy the telesales talent during the saleable timings.

Lets’ explore some of the Use-Cases across industries.

Banking: Lead generation, appointment fixing, enquiry call-backs

Ecommerce: Abandon cart conversion, Reactivating dormant customers, Personalised discounts

Telco: Number porting bring backs

Consumer Durables: Cross-sell and upsell

Consumer Goods: Handling Supply chain and B2B sales

Hotel Industry: Cancellation to rebooking/rescheduling

Airlines: Upsell Inflight Services

Travel Agents: Selling travel packages

Healthcare: Services Upgrade

Auto: Convert test drives to bookings

Consumer services tech: Lifecycle management

Fintech: Cross-Sell and Upsell

Gaming Tech: enquire follow-ups

Job Tech: Sell premium services

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