Here’s how Students can earn some extra cash with VOIZ

Here’s a legit way you can earn online while being a student
Studying at university or college isn’t cheap especially if you’re financially independent or supporting your family or even living alone. Waiting till you graduate or get a degree in hand to get a job has become a thing of the past. Now students who want to earn a bit on the side actually can and gain some additional exposure on the job front from an early age too without having to flip burgers or pump petrol or serve food that has nil career growth and most certainly doesn’t supplement your dreams and desires. 
While side jobs, vacation jobs, weekend jobs do exist and involve traveling to certain place, and with the positions being of the seasonal sort; it might be hard to focus on education and work. This is most likely where students get demotivated or disheartened and go back to the grind of studying with a sour taste of working or even vice versa.

How VOIZ can offer a job and financial protection?
Working while studying might seem like a drag for some and an exciting new venture for others! We at VOIZ are excited to introduce to you, a platform with overwhelming amounts of vacancies and endless opportunities that requires nothing more than staying in your hostel room or dorm and using your study desk as your office desk to work. At VOIZ, we connect companies and contact centres with the skill sets that students possess. It’s incredibly sought after and highly in demand in the customer support industry as you have the willingness to learn and the eagerness to create a wonderful experience for customers. It will also be a welcome break from your studies and other academic commitments.
Luckily for you, we are associated with companies that require exactly what you can offer them- time and talent-wise. All this within the comforts of your home and with gadgets you already have such as a phone and a steady internet connection. Get paid for the slot hours you choose to work for and gain as much experience through this journey as possible

What will you be required to do?
Requirements may vary slightly with the type of work you choose to take on i.e. chat support, email support, voice support, technical support, telesales, and telemarketing. But the basic requirements of the job role would require you to

  • Manage incoming/outgoing calls.
  • Identify customers’ needs and provide satisfactory services. 
  • Build trustworthy and sustainable relationships through active and open communication.

Benefits of working as a remote customer support agent
Time Management
You have control over the timings you choose to work in a week.

Money Management
You can earn extra pocket money, you’ll be able to get by on your own financially.

Work Exposure
You’ll be able to use the opportunity of being a gig-worker to engage with multiple companies and make new contacts.

Industry Knowledge
You will get early exposure to how companies function and various processes work! 

Interpersonal skill development
Skills such as money management and time management will be major practical learning aspects among other benefits such as improved communication and conversational skills, industry and market knowledge, etc.

Entrepreneurial skills
You will help develop skills that a university degree can’t teach you such as people skills, negotiation, and persuasive skills.

Mental well being
You’ll be able to stay healthy, motivated, and focused.

Why do you need to ‘get with the program’?

Jobs on the weekends or in the evenings may be popular but can be unsatisfying as it means that you’re studying during the day and working when you’re not immersed in your studies, leaving absolutely no room for friends, family, or any recreational or relaxing activities. Therefore it is imperative that you find doing something that is easy and yet challenging to keep you interested and balances your day out perfectly! With VOIZ, find that ease in your schedule from innumerable job postings that you are most certainly eligible for and at timings that are feasible for you. The ball’s in your court here. Earn, work and find satisfaction in what you do 5 days a week for four hours per day. It’s that flexible and that easy, just like an internship is and who knows! Your university might even give you extra credits for this!

If you want to kickstart your career with VOIZ, sign up with us here.

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