Better chatbots for better collaboration for an evolving workforce

Workforce engagement is one of the top priorities in an evolving digital workplace. Countless papers and statistics have repeatedly pointed out the benefits of a chatbot that ups employee engagement in terms of job satisfaction, productivity, etc. As a matter of fact, forward-thinking companies and establishments have started to use chatbots in a myriad of ways to engage employees and staff members in hopes of creating job loyalty and retention. 

Throwing the spotlight on Chatbot collaboration
The Chatbot is the co-worker who never takes off, never falls sick and never quits. Chatbots represent a variety of possibilities and potential benefits for employees and companies. To begin with, Chatbots provide cost efficiency and massive scaling by automating several tasks previously performed and managed by employees, enabling them to now serve various other market segments. Chatbots are gradually crawling into internal business interactions streamlining daily tasks and taking over the digital workforce by storm. In an evolving work environment, we have

  • Remote working, enabled by cloud technologies that have fundamentally changed where we work, how we work, how we interact, collaborate, communicate across different verticals, teams and functions.
  •  A workforce consisting of a tech-savvy generation needs to be addressed and catered to individually.
  • Digital transformation and technological innovation are shifting the nature of work requiring the workforce to constantly relearn and retrain new skillsets, approaches, etc.

With self-serve on the rise, modern workplace dynamics have begun using cutting edge innovation in the form of chatbots to engage with the workforce across their entire lifecycle. From recruitment to onboarding, training, performance management, etc, the workforces’ interaction with the organization is made so much more seamless and effective with a Chatbot in place. 

Use cases of Chatbots in a workplace 

1. Application, hiring and onboarding as an assessment bot
These are critical aspects of a process that involves bringing new hires in the fold and getting these hires up and running through their onboarding process and into their role as well. With a bot in place, the new hires can glide through their onboarding journey as the bot performs the job of guiding the new hires by providing them with consistent responses pertaining to various queries about the company, job role, benefits, training systems, etc.

2. Access to knowledge as a self help knowledge base
Rather than having to navigate through complicated intranets, documents, manuals, etc, to find relevant information, these bots can provide the workforce with data and information, training, induction, queries regarding company policies whenever they require it. This self-serve system responds at any given time, across various platforms such as an in-app feature or on the company website. 
From issues relating to general queries to work enablement knowledge, Bots aid in accelerating response and resolution. Chatbots enable the workforce to have frictionless, smooth and consistent experiences avoiding the frustration of navigating through multiple portals, etc by streamlining conversation in a single place.

How Chatbots enable a better working space:
Building and deploying a chatbot as a part and parcel of the workforce engagement model is essential to success. Businesses benefit from chatbots that enable smooth conversation and efficient management at various points of interaction during the lifecycle of the workforce. Conversational chatbots or AI chat solutions enable convenience and lower friction among the workforce, shedding light on the employee needs and enhancing their knowledge and awareness levels. This signifies a whole range of possibilities that benefit the employees and the employers that are coexisting in a digital workplace. 

  • Boost in employee productivity
    The Chatbot performs personalized and simple conversations that eradicate the need for employees to go to various platforms, mediums or systems. Employees can access various services through individual streamlined conversations, eliminating the exasperation of going through multiple portals. With a higher degree of self-serve, the costs of responding to employee queries and requests are lowered as Chatbots provide access to the information required in a smooth and frictionless manner and at any time of the day.
  • Time and cost-saving through increased automation
    Chatbots help finds the company staff what they need, which personifies the bot to be a conversational interface or a facilitator of guided navigation. This further serves as a first response line for the workforce saving them a lot of time and effort. Chatbots are experts in handling and managing routine helpdesk requests and queries across various interactions in an efficient manner. This enables service desk resources and HR to concentrate on other tasks allowing the Bot to take over freeing up their time. 
  • Faster and better workforce enablement 
    Chatbots have become a convenient interface for popular requests, searches, etc for the workforce accessing digital services through their laptops or smartphones. In today’s day and age, the employee depends on quick and simple access to data and information. But as knowledge bases continue to grow and change, it is of essence to find the right information at the right time to get the job done. Navigating through excessive web pages, or user guides or logging into content systems to access data is exhausting and time-consuming. Chatbots grant access to knowledge whenever and wherever it is required. On-the-go enablement and access of knowledge to the workforce who are often remote improve individual productivity and enhances employee experience.
  • Centralized and streamlined access along with consistent and smooth experiences
    Increased convenience, higher accessibility, reduced friction, and a faster response rate to queries and requests go a long way in improving and enhancing the workforce experience. Chatbot solutions that are well-designed and enable a single and centralized access point enables employees of different departments, languages, geographies, etc to access information and data. This makes a significant difference resulting in reduced attrition and increased employee satisfaction.

In the digital working environment, chatbots and AI are here to stay for the long haul. A collaborative chat solution not only enhances the employee experience but also drives support in the operations of the workforce, contributing to the constant technological evolution and the changing requirements of the customers and the marketplace.

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