An introduction to VOIZ’s ‘Vanilla Jobs’

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term “Vanilla Jobs”? Most will undoubtedly think of Vanilla, the ice cream flavour AKA the mother of all ice cream variants. If we are going with that simple metaphor, then Vanilla Jobs is the foundation of various jobs which relies solely on the skills, interests, and experiences of the one performing them. Unlike ‘niche’ jobs, ‘vanilla’ jobs present freedom of movement in terms of skills, interest, and experience. You have a variety of jobs to choose from which may not extend horizons to past experiences or performances which means that you can work a vanilla role even if you don’t have the qualifications or experience for the same. Let’s say you are a homemaker with a good set of communication skills, then there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a customer support representative or a customer service agent! 

Let’s go back a little, shall we?
The matter of “jobs’’ has always been in circulation since the time of the conceptualization of civilization. In the earliest stages of human civilization, work was confined to simple tasks which is something we are inspired by. Today, many jobs have come into the frontline while many have become obsolete. Regardless of how popular a job is or isn’t, vanilla jobs are here for you to earn, learn and experiment with! If you have spent years working as something you are not passionate about or are yet to board the career train or are confused as to what your passion lies at, then now is the time to get on board with the ‘Vanilla Job’ express that is sure to help you find a job, career, and a line of interest that you love and fits who you are. 
Vanilla Jobs are a sure change from the traditional jobs that we’ve been seeing and or experiencing for years. In a world where job searching is close to painful, we do the legwork for you while providing you with freelancing positions in a painless format. 

Vanilla Jobs at VOIZ:
At VOIZ, finding and applying for vanilla jobs is not only easy but is built with the idea of creating a culture of opportunity and growth that is centred around understanding each individual’s passions, strengths and overall life goals. With over 1000 vanilla job postings on a regular basis to choose from, dare we say that we have worked on creating a system that will help you lay the foundation of your career or help in restarting it by enjoying what you do, being able to deliver it naturally, being able to excel at it and getting rewarded for it. 
Through Vanilla Jobs, our goal as a business is to transform the lives of freelancers through a unique hiring experience. We now have a unified team delivering unique freelancing job solutions across six domains; namely Customer Service, Telecalling, Sales, Recruitment, Data Processing, and Technical Support. 

“Why” choose the Vanilla Jobs at VOIZ?
At VOIZ, we don’t just help job seekers find jobs from anywhere, we also are redefining the entire experience by moving fast and creating opportunities that can help freelancers create a meaningful legacy and share our enthusiasm for being the ones to make it happen! 

By working as freelancers with VOIZ, you will 

  • Not be expected to be the best at what you do in the industry or domain you want to find work in. We believe that the best work can come from training and also from working on the job. 
  • Use the skills you have honed naturally, from education and/or past experience to be a part of a remote work module that cares more about industry longevity and your interests. 
  • Enjoy the autonomy of self-managing and self-directing your workday, spending less time in meetings and more time focusing on learning, working and earning! 
  • Work independently at your own hours while also collaborating with industry specialists in a fully remote work environment. 
  • Work in a fast-paced yet mindful work environment that prioritizes work-life balance, and your professional journey. 

We believe that the impact your job has on your life is of utmost significance. The majority of us spend more time at our workplace than at any other place. Bearing in mind the time and money invested in finding talent and how a  business is only as good as the people within it, we devised a list of expectations, wants and needs of a jobseeker combined with a multitude of reasons that they want to work, that is absolutely unique to themselves. The core of everything that we do at VOIZ is prioritising the freelancers as our mission is to work alongside individuals who will form the basis of a hopefully long and successful partnership together. 
If you are ready to become passionate about your career by finding what works for you, then now is the time to sign up with VOIZ and get started by applying to all the Vanilla Jobs that match your interests and skillsets!

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