6 signals that indicate you are cut out for customer support

Most people have a perspective that customer support holds roles only for entry-level positions only but that is not so. While there is the availability of numerous frontline jobs, there are also tonnes of opportunities for people who have more experience in the customer support field. 


Whether you’ve just quit a hectic job or got out of college or taking a new career turn or just had a baby; if you show a tremendous aptitude for delivering exceptional customer service or support, then this is a field that you must dip your toes into. If you have found yourself wondering, ‘Do I have what it takes to grow and be successful in this profession?’, then regardless of age or experience, here are a few signs that you are destined or ready to be a customer support specialist.

Pointer #1: You’re always calm, cool and collected 


If you have always been told that you always have a smile on your face despite the difficult situation you are in or even if you are having a bad day, then you’re cut out for customer support. If your levels of optimism are undeterred, if you are graceful under pressure and if you can manage to stay calm in stressful situations; then note that you are already an asset in the customer support industry. These qualities in addition to being patient, even-tempered and not fatigued by listening are signs and quality pointers that recruiters of customer support look at as a top priority

According to the author Alexander Kjerulf, ‘Happy employees make customers happy’ has divine relevance when it comes to customer management and support. These attributes either born with or developed over time, help support agents and specialists in staying positive. Thus, the maintenance of a positive attitude and conversation skills can help you to handle complex customer situations and issues calmly and therefore effectively.

For instance; If you are having a high call volume day; instead of heading towards a tailspin, you can channel your energy towards the organization and prioritizing your calls. This will appropriately help you get through the day without stressing out, despite having to deal with difficult customers or complex situations and grievances. With your ability to stay stress-free you won’t shy away from challenging situations or shudder from having to deal with onerous calls or clients. 

Another instance; If a customer is frantically trying to explain a problem to you and expects urgent attention and resolution, then instead of displaying symptoms of mutual anxiety, distress and panic; you will approach the problem and the customer in an even-toned manner. In addition to that, an agent like you will be able to explain at ease, assure the caller and resolve the issue. All this by just being relaxed and calm!

Pointer #2: You are highly intuitive


Intuition isn’t always easy when it comes to customer service. Although it is a sense that stems from your deepest mental recesses, here it stems from the wisdom and/or experience you have had from your previous work or other phases of your life. If you are the kind of person who learns from experiences and harvests that wisdom and knowledge into your daily process as a support agent; then there is nothing like it! This also includes being able to understand every aspect of the product or service to the fullest extent in order to properly gauge the issue and go on about resolving it. This attribute also establishes that your emotional quotient is high and that a person like you can be trusted to handle any issue with ease and tranquillity. 

For instance; A customer has expressed their dissatisfaction with service and although they are not escalating it yet, you can just ‘sense’ what this call is leading up to. Guided by your intuition, proactively offer them a discount or whatever it takes under the company guidelines to dismantle this ticking time bomb. 

Pointer #3: Impeccable time management


If you are the type of person who manages to complete tasks on time, then you’ll do very well in customer support. It’s an extremely vital attribute that has a role to play in the Average Handling Time (AHT). With proper time management skills, you will be in a productive position with your KPIs to multitask, make decisions, strategically think, and resolve various problems. This ability will help you to determine how long or short an interaction or call is going to be while also knowing how to control the conversation so as to make sure that everything is resolved in a timely and efficient manner.

For instance: A customer calls you demanding immediate attention and resolution; you don’t waste time trying to frustrate the customer with a round of questioning. After a quick brief, you will be able to stay ahead of your customer by understanding exactly what the issue is. By prioritizing, you will be able to control the conversation while also being able to set up a ticket by multitasking and working towards resolving the issue in the least amount of time possible.

Pointer #4: Ability to build transferable capabilities and skills 


If you are someone who is curious and always in the pursuit of learning something new or adds to your knowledge base, then we can’t stress enough about how customer service is where you will do that a lot! Closely working with customers will teach you what their preferences are and how consumer behaviour works around products and services. In addition to that, you will also learn about how customers are responding to your products and services which will give you an insight into using social proof as a part of your interactions with various customers. 

For instance: By constantly learning, you will be able to work on many projects and processes that will elevate your confidence and communication skills enabling you to flex your sales or marketing skills. With this attribute, you will be in a position where you can help a customer to know about the product or service in addition to resolution. Those are the assets people with quick grasping abilities bring to the table. Whether it’s using the same product in a new and innovative way of thinking beyond the box; people with the ability to build transferable skills will always find a way to creatively work around problems. 

Pointer #5: Ability to master different communication mediums 


If you can succeed at managing great conversations and communication not just over the phone but also on other support channels like email, live chat, social media, community forums, etc; then you are most certainly meant to be in customer support. Your flexibility and your superiority in managing and handling digital communication attribute to qualities like the ease in multitasking, great communication, and flexibility in handling digital platforms. 

This gives you an upper hand in the field since the entire operation is remote and you can seamlessly be trusted with handling customers on any digital interactive platform. You will not only be able to bounce between various interactive platforms but also smoothly juggle multiple clients while also being able to communicate effectively on these channels. This is a functional skill to have in the CX space, as it will help you establish and build relationships with people ensuring customer retention and loyalty.

Pointer #6: Ability to effectively solve problems


Being a natural problem solver, you have the flair to control situations that may be getting out of hand by breaking down information in a way that makes it easy for the customer to consume and therefore process. This trait also means that you can communicate with people of any age and experience making you the poster child for damage control. This is a powerful tool in any contact centre space making your presence all the more needed in the customer support field and we at VOIZ are looking out for individuals with the knack to solve problems without having to see them. With this trait, you will be able to resolve conflicts and improve and add value to the brand image of the business you work for. 

For instance: If a customer calls up asking you how to fix or make something work, you can smoothly help navigate the customer through the process by breaking down each step, without asking for additional questions or queries or without having to confuse the caller or yourself. This way, both parties will be able to help the caller gain resolution.

If you own one or more of these traits then you are without a doubt meant to be in the Customer Support industry. Look no further, VOIZ has a place for you and needs talent like this to carry out our day-to-day support calls. Sign up to get started on your career with us!

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