4 simple ways to become a customer support superstar

Providing great customer support may be hard to deliver, but it is not impossible. Support agents are the voice of the brand and get to represent the company in ways that help to build the image of the brand. Every organization need customer support agents that can combine company policies and individual calibre along with the company’s interests. Agents have the responsibility of being the prime channel of communication between the company and the customer. 

At VOIZ we believe that there is no set formula for the perfect customer support agent; agents can be terrific and still deliver exceptional CX in their own way by incorporating soft skills that they possess with other qualities learnt on the job or from experience. The job goes beyond just resolving customer problems and the true worth of an agent is ultimately not just measured by the KPIs of the projects but the extra mile an agent is willing to go towards achieving customer support excellence in every interaction. 

What does it take to become a ‘customer support superstar’?
The secret to transforming your performance into that of a customer support superstar won’t happen overnight but is possible by practice. It requires serious commitment, individual performance monitoring and relevant change to become a rockstar in this line of work. 

Source: The Career Balance

Here are 4 top ways to excel as a customer support professional.

  • Product & Process Knowledge is the way forward
    The primary essential is possessing product knowledge or knowledge of the service at every minor detail. A support superstar must be aware of the history of frequent issues and possible issues that arise during specific periods and situations. The more you learn and educate yourself; the more information you will be equipped with making it easier for you to address the most specific demands or concerns. This knowledge comes in handy while dealing with customer inquiries at ease and in thinking of solutions easily. The confidence that you attain from knowing a product or service and the entire process within the company, reflects in your interactions with customers thereby raising company worth and elevating trustworthiness. 
  • Improve your call resolutions 
    A super-agent is one who can multitask at ease and yet incorporate quality into his work by craftily setting the tone of his/her approach. The approach of each agent is different when it comes to dealing with his/her callers. Hence, by creating and deploying an individualistic approach that is also strategic, it can improve FCR thereby collectively the CX. If you can solve customer needs or complete any other interaction in a single session without elevating it or requiring any follow-up or feedback on any platform; means that you’re already an ace at customer support. The most satisfied customers are those that get speedy answers and resolution at the first point of contact and this is exactly what contributes to escalating your FCR rates, resulting in you being ‘agent of the month’.
  • Include empathy and assurance in your call
    As a customer service professional, if you’re able to close a call with a customer or end the interaction or conversation with confirmed or assured customer satisfaction by making the customer feel like everything has been taken care of or soon will be. 
    This reduces your average handling time and improves your average response time. Customers will be able to tell the moment they don’t have your full attention, so make sure to be an active part of the conversation as it reduces wait time and improves your customer effort score. All in all, it makes you the ultimate customer support superstar! 
  • Start and end your calls on a positive note 
    Always remember to start and finish the call with positivity and enthusiasm. That is one of the golden rules of succeeding at winning your customers over. Enjoy the conversion you are having with your customer because no two interactions will be alike. Adopt a pleasant tone as it will help your customers get more accustomed to your friendliness and they will be more likely to explain their issue with confidence and clarity making it easier for you to comprehend and resolve the issue. By bringing some liveliness and warmth into a call will inspire your caller to have a wholesomely positive experience resulting in the increment of your CSAT scores and also making your time on the phone enriching; making you energized to take on the next phone call.

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