4 female agents speak about how working with VOIZ has empowered them to become ‘better’

While we don’t need a particular day to celebrate women or our female working counterparts, we do want to acknowledge the wonderful work our agents have done during the course of working with VOIZ. Today, this blog is dedicated to all the women who are focused on lifting each other up, while performing in the best way possible in their personal and professional lives.


All our agents are incredible in their own ways! We want to take this moment to celebrate the impressive progress women at all levels of the career ladder have made in VOIZ over the past two years. The latest IMF staff study finds that the more women in managerial positions and in corporate boards, the more profitable firms are. The results are clear: increasing female participation improves the bottom line. 

At VOIZ, we have been following these statistics since the beginning, and we have realised at the nascent stages just how important women are to a growing organization. The positive relationship between having more women on working teams and the firms’ profitability is more pronounced, the study finds, in sectors where women form a larger share of the labour force further highlighting the importance of bridging gender gaps. This positive association is more evident in customer-centric services such as telesales, customer support etc wherein diversity, especially gender diversity, can help meet the high demand for creative and innovative capacity. 

Featured here are 4 agents that spoke to us about how they feel empowered working at VOIZ and how their work has benefitted their lives (while also largely benefitting ours). Let’s quickly get to what they have to say. 

First up, we have Ranjana K., a customer support specialist at VOIZ, who has worked closely with us over the past year and has evolved to become an asset for the projects she has been assigned to and the organization in general. 

Here’s what Ranjana had to say when we asked how working with VOIZ has empowered her for the better,

VOIZ has given me the opportunity to grow as a person, employee and teammate. All these roles have enriched my personal life while also making me better at what I am doing, professionally. With zero office politics, as a woman, I feel like my opportunities at getting to the next level are equal to the men I work with. That is extremely important at the end of the day and VOIZ gives me that.”


Next, we have Salma Khannum who has been working with us for 6 months as a telesales executive. We are constantly impressed and inspired by her performance and it is incredible to see her always pushing the bar! 

Here’s what Salma had to say 

At VOIZ I found plenty of opportunities that helped me move forward quickly in my career. I love the engagement that the teams here possess; starting with their communication transparency, response rate, and coordination. VOIZ has empowered me by giving me the best job opportunities always. Working here has helped me focus better, learn more and become a better saleswoman.
– Salma

Our third agent is Gayathri K, who joined us as a telesales agent after her hiatus from extended maternity leave. She kickstarted her career with VOIZ, after almost 5 years of not working and we are so glad that she did. We are continually in awe of all the efforts she has made, continually exceeding expectations at every step. 

Here’s what Gayathri had to say;

I was endlessly looking for jobs once my kids started school and I had not gotten accepted anywhere. It messed with my self-confidence that I started viewing the job searching process with utter disdain and zero motivation. VOIZ changed that for me and took me in for all the skills I naturally possessed. While working here, I barely felt like I was out of the workforce for five years. I got amazing offers and that empowered me to build my confidence and to never doubt my self-worth and always be proud of the journey that motherhood was to me.
– Gayathri

Last but not least, we have Atrayee who completes 9 months with VOIZ and started off with us as a pre-sales executive. This freelancer turned gig-worker is definitely gifted with the ability to boost everyone’s spirit when they need it most. Thanks for always bringing your best to work! 

Here’s what she had to say;

“I was looking for freelance work when the pandemic hit us all, and I signed with VOIZ soon after as work was obviously dull to come by especially for an independent worker. I began working in customer support and I definitely got the chance to enhance my skills while on the job. Working here has allowed me to experience a great quality of work right from the comfort of my home! VOIZ is a great platform to find freelance jobs as well as full-time jobs. It has made me financially independent while also enhancing my skillset!”
– Atrayee


If you are feeling inspired or motivated reading this, then now is the time to hop on our website and sign up with us! 

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